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Carnal Beginnings

Carnal Beginnings - Reily Garrett GlitterKink Gateway to BDSM Book

Kinky plus sexy boss, add in an exclusive BDSM club makes a recipe for glorious GlitterKink. Ms. Garrett is a new to me author and she doesn't disappoint in delivering a romantic kinky story. Adara is a female in a hopeless situation. Orphaned and living with her sadistic uncle and disgusting cousin, she sublimates her creativity and dreams in order to focus all her energies on survival. She is smart enough to find employment in a private investigation firm to learn how best to find someone. This way, she can learn all the tricks on how to disappear and not be found. Her plans go awry when her boss, Julien Crofton takes an interest in her.

For those who enjoy the romantic rosy coloured glasses of being in the lifestyle, this is the book for you. Since the club is exclusive, this book is categorized as glitterkink. Julien is a sweet dominant who is caring and loving. It's a dream fantasy BDSM scene when Adara and Julien finally gets it going. Is the BDSM realistic? Yes and no. Yes because the scenes are plausible. No because these kind of clubs are few and far between. The BDSM in this story at the surface is decent. It does appear that Ms. Garrett either did some research or dabbled in kink. However, the D/s dynamic is not captured well and presented in a believable manner. This does not detract from the story since the focus of the story is the romance between the two characters. The chemistry between the two is adorable.

Adara is a mild and vulnerable girl. It's easy to see why a man with hero complex is attracted to her innocence. It also explains the delight he experiences when bringing her out of her shell. Mixing it up with the sexual abuse and violation she receives at home is interesting. The violence and severe whippings implies a strength which Adara does not demonstrate. I'm not sure if this makes her less credible as a character or more interesting. What it does do, is surprise me with the minimal triggers Adara experiences when she is around Julien and his brand of kink. I'm not saying it isn't possible, just not likely. If Adara were more jaded and prickly, I can see why she would have less triggers. Then again, one could argue that those who are so abrasive, are just hiding a cringing vulnerable inner core. Either way, Julien rides like a white knight to save Adara. He does it so well and it's a happily kinky ever after for the two. This kinky erotica is recommended as a Gateway to BDSM book.

* Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.


Duke - Candace Blevins Good Lord, have mercy on my soul. Is it wrong to masturbate whilst reading this book and your husband is sleeping next to you?


Full disclosure, this book is a gift from the author. She tried to convince me this is not BDSM at all. It's vanilla all the way, although not boring sex. She even said she'd pose the question to others in the BDSM group and her facebook to ask what they think is BDSM versus Vanilla. Seriously? Ask a group of kinky people if it is kinky? How about asking Vanilla people if this is kinky? So that is what I did. I asked my sheltered vanilla sister and brother in law about a couple of the scenes. After some extreme blushing on their part, asking what a butt plug was and if Gen is sex slave, I can confirm this is NOT vanilla. It is delicious Sugarkink!

This is the first of a series which promises to be deliciously erotic with alpha males and strong women. Gen is Frisco's little sister. Frisco is from the Safeword series. With tie ins to the Chattanooga Supernatural series, guest appearances from our favourite characters pop in and pop out. All of this would seem distracting yet Ms. Blevins pulls it all together and makes this a multi-layered world. This book can be read as a standalone but it is really better if all of Ms. Blevin's previous books are read first.

Gen is a hot shot commercial real estate agent who is worth quite a bit of money at a young age. This is as expected because Ms. Blevins tends to lean towards characters who have money. I don't hold it against Gen because it is clear she worked hard for it and I happen to like money. When she shows property to a motorcycle club trying to move into town, it's where things get interesting. The president of this *cough* gang club is someone she knew from school. In fact, she crushed on him when he ran around with her brother. An older and accomplished Duke sweeps her off her feet and takes her for a ride on his bike.

The characters in this story are fabulous. I liked Duke in Aaron's story, Dragon King. Duke needed his own story and what a story it is. He may not be into BDSM, but he is totally into D/s without calling it D/s. I mean, seriously, asking for Gen to be sexually available to him at anytime? Instructing her to be ready to bend over a couch and pull her butt cheeks open to be plundered? What Vanilla couple does this? Because I want in on it!

The sex is super nova hawt! Ms. Blevins is always excellent when it comes to creating dominant men seducing strong will females. Gen is a surprisingly sexually innocent woman. The way Duke educates her into the joys of carnal pleasures is so good.


I am wet with desire. I shiver and quiver with anticipation as Duke plays her with forced orgasms and orgasm denial.


This is a lengthy story with a great plot. Every time I thought the story would be the end, it continues. This gives the story the chance for good world building, character development and bonding between the characters. This story can't be told; it needs to be experienced. When it ends, I'm wishing it continues. I can't wait for the next story in this series! This paranormal erotica is highly recommended to readers who love alpha men, hawt sex and a great story.

* Provided by the author as a gift. No review requested, I gave one anyway

Heaven's Queen

Heaven's Queen - Rachel Bach 3.5 stars for a satisfying ending. Based on some of the reviews I read, I started this book with trepidation. There are times where I'm just not interested in a love interest. I'm happy to say the romantic element to this trilogy is just right. It isn't overwhelming and even though a surprise character showed up declaring love, it did not detract from the story for me.

Devi is back and she is now complete with her memories. The problem is, everyone is gunning for her as she could be the ultimate weapon to finally get rid of the phantoms. With Rupert at her side, how can she fail?

There are ups and downs in this story. Even the pace seemed a bit up and down. The questions we've had about the phantoms and Mata are finally answered. In fact, when it's all explained, I wondered why I even had questions because it made so much sense. I should have been able to predict it and yet I didn't. Ms. Bach does a good job of setting up the whys and tying up all the loose ends.

The characters in this book are a doozy. To be clear, I loved Devi through every book. She's pretty kick ass and I genuinely liked this character. She's honest and does the right thing. She's focus and she knows what she wants. She never rationalizes nor justifies what she categorizes as immoral behaviour. She is driven and she goes big. Her definition of self-sacrifice is pretty much on par with what a good guy superhero would be. What is confusing is all the other characters. I'm a bit dizzy with liking them and then hating them. Almost all the other characters in this series I love to hate them. Caldswell is an asshole. He and Benton are anti-heroes coming from different directions. I didn't even know they could both be so similar yet diametrical opposites. It boggles the mind. Rupert as Devi's champion and tarnished white knight is fabulous. I love him. The crew of Glorious Fool are hard to like at times. The way they behave towards Devi is totally consistent with their loyalties to Caldswell. It doesn't make me like them any more because at times their priorities oppose Devi's purposes. The only one who is adorable is Nova. She's a loopy one.

Why am I so frustrated with those opposing Devi? Because she is right and she knows it. She is taking the risk and she's going big. The lack of support from others is annoying because they are stuck in a rut and they don't see the end game. What is admirable about Ms. Bach is how she is able to show the other perspective so that Devi gets why they won't let her carry out her end game. Still, Devi persists and I have to admire her tenacity. The ending wrapped up fast and it was glorious. Devi's one wish is granted. This happily ever after is satisfying even as it makes me wonder about King Stephen. This action packed sci-fi is recommended to those who root for the underdog.

Sweep in Peace

Sweep in Peace - Ilona Andrews Second Serial by this very talent author duo is FABULOUS! I loved every chapter and I've re-read parts over and over again. This last bit of this serial really moved me. What Dina had to do to gain peace was pretty ballsy and fantastic. The set up with the conflicts seemed insurmountable. Yet it resolves in a manner which is a punch to the gut and a stab into the heart.

There is still so much humour in this story I just love it. Mangoes, tea ceremonies - all of this is so well done. I even learned how to make an awesome egg basket breakfast which my family loved and enjoyed. I really do hope we find Dina's parents. I wish her siblings would stop by. What is her new rating? This is something I really wonder for her Inn. Gertrude definitely has fortitude!

Now I'm just babbling as I dance with glee with my happy ending. I can't wait until this is all combined together and published as an eBook for me to buy. Definitely worth it. I'll be re-reading this over and over. In addition, this book got me hooked back to re-reading the Edge series. Fabulous. Highly recommended to everyone.

Opening Up

Opening Up - Lauren Dane Fabulous new series from talented Ms. Dane designed to break a reader's heart. There are some stories which immediately bring a song to mind. In this one, it is Phil Collin's "You're no son of mine".

They say time is a healer
And now my wounds are not the same
I rang the bell with my heart in my mouth
I had to hear what he'd say
He sat me down to talk to me
He looked me straght in the eyes
He said:
You're no son, no son of mine
You're no son, no son of mine
You walked out, you left us behind
And you're no son, no son of mine

From Metro Lyrics

This song aptly describes PJ's situation with her father. PJ is the baby of the family. She's innovative and marches to her own drum. She is considered the black sheep of the family because of her unique ways. PJ is a wonderfully developed character who is vulnerable yet strong. Ms. Dane does an excellent job of creating a character I completely understood even if she's radically different from me. This story moved me because of PJ. I connected with her because of how she was treated by her father. I've been treated similarly by my father. Fortunately not as bad and we did reconcile. Doesn't look good for PJ in this story for a happily ever after.

At the heart of this story is a completely dysfunctional daddy and daughter relationship. It is horrible to watch and it is soul tearing to see the words and actions of a father to a daughter. Amazingly, PJ doesn't go down the path of destruction with daddy issues. Instead, she stays strong with the help of her siblings and a new lover.

The love interest plot device in this story has me mixed. Mixed because Asa Barrons is an ass. His preconceived notions and high handed decisions are hurtful and asinine. He needs a good swift kick to remove his head out of his butt. I'm mixed on this because he does turn out to be a decent guy. I'm just not sure if he is even needed in this story. I think the story would have been just as powerful and good without him. He is a distraction away from PJ's career focus. And his being in her life makes her job harder at times. I could take him or leave him in this story. Really, PJ is the only one I have eyes for. This moving story is recommended to romance lovers who understand the dilemmas of an unwanted child yearning for a parent's love and approval.

*provided by NetGalley

The Captain's Pet

The Captain's Pet - Samantha Cayto The Romance Review

Rabble rousing resulting in rape is not what Wid thought would happen when he decided to rile up the invading alien oppressors. Wid regrets not listening to his mother when she warned him that his friend Joel was a bad influence. When Wid is taken by the aliens and not executed, he thinks he may be safe. His punishment for his behaviour may end up be worse than if he were executed.

This space opera is a quick and easy read. Ms. Cayto is new to me and her writing is right up my alley. Her main characters are likeable and her non-con sex is delicious. This world she's created is easy to visualize. The Travian males which are the superior aliens in this world are prime specimens for spank bank fodder. Kell as the captain and alpha male is definitely sexy. Kell is a character who wants to do the right thing. His societal norms dictate his behaviour yet he still sticks to a morale code he will not cross. This makes him admirable. Wid is a funny character for me. He's a cross between a good ole farm boy hick and protective sheep dog. The way the two characters interact is amusing because it is clear they don't understand each other even though they can speak the same language. The conflict between the two is well written from a prisoner of war perspective as well as an officer following orders.

The action in this story helps keep the story moving. The conflict is well done and makes the relationship between Kell and Wid gel better. What really is lovely about this story, is the rape. Yes, I said it. The scenes where Kell forces himself upon Wid are arousing and enjoyable for dark erotica readers. It's just the right amount of graphic description paired with human emotion. It isn't sadistically cruel which is why it isn't blazing hot erotica. The non-con turning to dub-con lessens the erotic heat and increases the romantic index. Turning Wid into a sexual pet complete with collar and leash definitely tripped my trigger. Whilst it may be a bit humiliating for Wid, there are no degrading scenes. Ms. Cayto does a lovely job of balancing between arousing non-con and humiliating sex object.

Since this is the first in the series, a reader can only hope the next books are published in the near future. The exposure to this matriarchal alien world is only the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully there is more shared in the next book about this alien world and their High Council. It will be interesting to see if the next story will include more non-con sex toy slavery. A reader can only hope. This space-opera is recommended to m/m readers who enjoy enemy to lovers themes.


Bloodletting - William D. Prystauk Review to come. Hard to rate. I have to think about it a bit.

Honor's Knight

Honor's Knight - Rachel Bach Devi's dream of becoming one of the Devastator comes crashing down as secrets unfold in this book. At every turn, Devi is betrayed and she gets herself into worse situations. At this point, I'm not sure how she's going to get herself out of it. And really, who is friend and who is foe?

This follow up story does explain a lot of things I had questions about from the first story. However, the book felt more chaotic and less tightly written. I'm not sure I like where this book is heading. Every character in this book, I'm becoming less enamoured with, Devi included. I'm a bit hesitant to read the last book even though I have so many questions I want answered. Still, I'm going to try it out because I'm curious as to how this all ends. Mostly, I want to understand Mata and Brian. And what are these phantoms? I hope the last book in this trilogy explains it all.

Making Her Husband Her Maid: The Emasculation of Cameron

Making Her Husband Her Maid: The Emasculation of Cameron - Dominique Silk This fast read is perverted and ended up on my spank-bank shelf. A thoroughly enjoyable quick read. Ms. Silk writes in a smooth and easy to follow manner. The characters were fun. The forced sissification is definitely a kink I enjoy reading and fapping to when I have a moment to spare. Ms. Silk delivers in this niche genre. The humiliation is medium level and the punishment scenes are hot. I felt no sympathy for the cheating husband.

A reader may ask why it is only medium level humiliation. Despite what the wife did to expose her husband, the scenes were not graphic enough or degrading enough to rate higher. For those we aren't into this kink, it may be a bit too much. For the more jaded readers, the degrading scenes are not explicit enough nor humiliating enough. The pegging is decent and the best part of the sex scenes. Recommended for forced feminization fetish fiends.


Bind - Sierra Cartwright Moving

Beck & Call (The Billionaires Book 2)

Beck & Call (The Billionaires Book 2) - Emma Holly The Romance Review
Holy smoking bedsheets! Ms. Holly can always be trusted for a steamy erotic romance when she writes a m??nage. In this latest m??nage, the reader is treated to an exhibitionist and voyeur's delight. Mia Beck and her co-worker Jake are going undercover to spy on Damien Call. Why? Because he's being accused of corporate espionage. To capture Damien's attention and get close to him, they audition through a little sex show.

For those who are tired of billionaire stories, this is one not to be missed. Sure, having money at a young age, being super smart and looking like Adonis is a fantasy. It's a fantasy that Ms. Holly makes a reader wish it would come true. The characters in this story come alive. Mia is adorable. It's easy to see why men fall for her. Her innocence and straightforward manner is alluring. Jake is a sexy and dangerous man. The fact that he is heteroflexible and good with bondage and dominance just makes a submissive swoon. Damien is the enigma. What is his game? Why is he the way he is?

The BDSM in here is fabulous. Ms. Holly does a fantastic job of showing the allure of BDSM. The scenes are designed to drive a voyeur into ecstasy. The deferred gratification is especially appealing since it's something I practice. The roleplaying part is very well done. It also shows how someone in the lifestyle can take a simple concept and make it erotic. Jake saw Mia's romance novels. He came up with a way to roleplay and incorporate Damien in an absolutely smoking hawt scene. The best part of that scene? No need for fancy equipment; it's all mind power. Jake brings Damien and Mia into the erotic scene by appealing to their fantasies. He turns them on with just a few words and setting the right mood. This is truly inspiring. Ms. Holly can make a panty moisten in seconds.

The plot of the story is surprisingly strong. It's not neglected nor fluffed up as window dressing for the delicious BDSM. It's a nice balance which gives the story more depth. There is one little thread left hanging which I wish would be tidied up. I'm guessing it won't be because the books in this series seems to be standalones with a theme instead of a continuation of characters. Still, my hope is that Damien's family situation is resolved and I wish for vengeance. Damien is the one I felt most sorry for in this story. He really is poor little rich boy.

This book is a completely enjoyable read as one would expect from Ms. Holly. She's an amazing storyteller and her forte is her kinky erotic novels. Recommended to m??nage lovers who enjoy bondage and dominance.

Jason (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter)

Jason (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter) - Laurell K. Hamilton I thought this book was to be about Jason. I was wrong. The title of this book should be Anita's sexual dysfunctions. The book can be summed up with this quote.

Bronze Fox (Rifters Book 1)

Bronze Fox (Rifters Book 1) - Diana Green Fantasy lovers who enjoy shifters and magic, there is a new author in town. Ms. Green is a new to me author and she's hooked me into her new series, The Rifters. Tobias is a fox shifter fighting the good fight against those who want to enslave other worlds. When he hires Etty as a cabbie, he finds a soul mate who is smart and filled with untrained magical abilities.

The world building in this story is good. It captures a reader's attention. It's not too complicated because multiple worlds is a familiar theme within the fantasy world. Having a secret organization trying to police the travelers is also familiar so it is easy to follow the story. This world is a mix of magic and the Victorian age which reminds me a little of Mercedes Lackey's Elemental Series. With the added twist of traveling between different worlds, I want to learn more. The descriptions in this book are vivid and it is easy to visualize the different places and indigenous population.

From a character perspective, both Etty and Tobias are engaging. I have to admit, for some reason, Tobias as a fox shifter keep reminding me of Japanese Kitsune, even though I realize Kitsune are generally females. The interaction between Etty and Tobias is amusing at times. The growing love interest between the two is sweet. The amount of growth forced upon Etty is quicker than I expected in a the story. It does make the book move at a faster pace. When Etty learns more about Tobias, it helps her understand where he's coming from and why he's more of a rebel. What I found peculiar in this story is the secretive sentinels. Some of the questions Etty brings up are good points and also makes me suspicious. Ms. Green does a nice job of setting up for the next book in this series. One can only hope the next one comes quickly as I'm captivated. Recommended for paranormal romance readers who enjoy a mix of historical England and magic.

* Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.

Negotiation: A Twelve Kingdoms Novella (The Twelve Kingdoms)

Negotiation: A Twelve Kingdoms Novella (The Twelve Kingdoms) - Jeffe Kennedy This short story explains it all. Uorsin is touted as a great King who brought the twelve kingdoms together. What I have to say is, "winners are the ones who write his-story". The interaction between Uorsin and Salena is depressingly sad. I admire Salena and find her sacrifice pretty amazing.

Ms. Kennedy does a good job of showing how it all began. Even though this is a prequel, I recommend against reading this one before reading the trilogy. It's much better to read it after the fact and experience the "ah ha" moment. This is a tightly written story which provides good insight into a missing piece. A mother's love knows no boundaries. Recommended for fantasy lovers.

* arc provided for review

Drake's Sluts: Ten Hardcore Explicit Erotica Stories

Drake's Sluts: Ten Hardcore Explicit Erotica Stories - Alice Drake This is probably closer to a 2.5 star than a 2 star. Is it hardcore and explicit? No it isn't hardcore. Perhaps a bit explicit. I can't tell anymore because I read too much porn. Still, each one is a nice little teaser. My gripe is each story ends too quickly. Need more sex!

Life Of Bondage

Life Of Bondage - Alley Love BDSM hostile with a "twist" at the end which is no surprise. Disappointing because it gives a bad view of BDSM. Not for me.