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Sudden Sex: 69 Sultry Short Stories
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Fortune's Pawn

Fortune's Pawn - Rachel Bach This is amazingly good. I read a little snip of it from an anthology. I finally received it from the library. I put it off for a while but now that I've read it, I'm wondering why I didn't read it earlier.

Devi is a stubborn git. She will do whatever she wants to get what she wants. She also can't handle a mystery without trying to solve it. Sometimes, it's best to let go. She doesn't and she gets in way deeper than she can't save herself. There are so many strange things going on in this book, I'm riveted. Now I have to read the next one. The next two books I had, but when I tried to read it, it made no sense. With this first book done, I think it will make more sense.

Thoroughly enjoyable and I couldn't put it down. Recommended for those who loved the movie Serenity by Joss Whedon

My Boss's Slave

My Boss's Slave - Kathryn Morgan Parry I am not sure what I just read. This was almost a DNF. It started out okay and then just got worse for me. Maybe the version I read needed an editor and another version is out there. There were many instances of the female (drama queen) saying something only to have it written like the guy, Alex said it. This makes the book hard to read.

The concept to the story was good. The execution of it was poor. Between the lack of character development and the annoying as hell first person POV from an obviously mental female, it didn't do it for me.

Adventures in the Woods: Hansel and Gretel Arousing (Books Six Through Ten)

Adventures in the Woods: Hansel and Gretel Arousing (Books Six Through Ten) - Melanie Moorhac All these different versions are annoying. I recommend getting the full 20 stories, not piecemeal.

The Hansel and Gretel Arousing Collection Volume One

The Hansel and Gretel Arousing Collection Volume One - Melanie Moorhac The writing style is easy to follow. The sex is tame. There are a few misused words. A quick porny read. Wish I had the full story.

Foursome in the Clearing: A Fairy Tale Erotica Story (Hansel and Gretel Arousing)

Foursome in the Clearing: A Fairy Tale Erotica Story (Hansel and Gretel Arousing) - Melanie Moorhac Hansel and Gretel are asleep in the woods, left by their evil step mother and sexually be-spelled father. Along comes 4 bandits, ready to plunder their treasures. Hah. Short and porny. Part of a 20 serial collection.

The Wicked Stepmother's Virgin: A Fairy Tale Erotica Story (Hansel and Gretel Arousing)

The Wicked Stepmother's Virgin: A Fairy Tale Erotica Story (Hansel and Gretel Arousing) - Melanie Moorhac A short story which is part of a bigger 20 serial collection. It was quick and porny lite.

Revenge on the Bandit Slut: A Fairy Tale Erotica Story (Hansel and Gretel Arousing)

Revenge on the Bandit Slut: A Fairy Tale Erotica Story (Hansel and Gretel Arousing) - Melanie Moorhac Revenge sex is good. One of the stories in the 20 collection serial. Eh. It was okay.

Sissy Prison

Sissy Prison - Crystal Veeyant This is the second book in this world. Or maybe third. It can be read as a standalone. Honestly, I read this because I wanted to masturbate a lazy Saturday away. SUCCESS!

This is a delicious sissification story with a non-con prison theme. Totally made it into my spank bank. The characters are okay. I didn't really care for any of them. They weren't bad. I was just more interested in the humiliation they suffered. The sex was about medium graphic and not too taboo. (Then again, I'm not a good one to use as a gauge for taboo or not.)

There is little world building and that's fine. The plot is there even if it isn't too fleshed out. The best was the prison cell which converted into a dungeon playground. How do I do that to my guest bedroom? Recommended for sissy lovers who want an enjoyable spank bank book.

The Pony Girl Trilogy: A BDSM Tale of Forced Submission

The Pony Girl Trilogy: A BDSM Tale of Forced Submission - Allysin Range Okay, all together the 3 make an okay tale. Individually it is lacking. The writing is short and simplistic. The sex isn't graphic enough. The way they are put into pony gear is kind of fun. Grammar issues, misuse of words and changing POV are a bit annoying but easy to ignore.

Allysin's Extreme Hardcore: Five Very Rough Erotica Stories

Allysin's Extreme Hardcore: Five Very Rough Erotica Stories - Allysin Range This was okay. Rather porny. They were a collection of what I guess some people consider hardcore. It was medium for me. Each story was more a concept than a full story which is what is disappointing.

Three of Hearts: Erotica Romance For Women

Three of Hearts: Erotica Romance For Women - Kristina Wright When I see the names of Giselle Renarde, Tiffany Reisz, Rachel Kramer Bussel and Kristina Wright, it is a MUST read. This three of heart is not to be missed. Every type of combination for a threesome is explored. This is anthology which lives up to its name. Three hearts can be difficult at times but it is possible. Some of the stories are sweet and other are erotically hot. The ones which speak to me most are obviously the kinky ones with BDSM elements. There are so many good stories to pick from and not enough room to discuss all of them.

My favourite one is The Mistress in the Brat by Skylar Kade. Ms. Kade is a new to me author who pulls me into her sensual scenes. This is one where the m??nage involves a bratty submissive who switches to be a mistress to another female submissive. One of my favourite combinations is M/F/f. This short story packs an amazing amount of detail showing how a submissive could be a switch and in what kind of scenario. In addition, it shows how the submissive is a sexual submissive in the bedroom and a hard ass female outside of it. Without giving out spoilers, the sex scene when the three come together is a perfect harmony between three. It is arousing and appealing.

A Thief in the Night by Ms. Renarde is super-hot. This theme revolves around a couple surprised by a third party for some bondage and voyeuristic fun. This slightly dub-con theme kicks up the heat as Ms. Renarde is so good at doing. The visuals of this and the excitement leap off the page. This fast paced sneaky sex is a fantasy many may have and wish to come true. The ending is sweet and funny. It also leaves the reader to fantasy a possible repeat with more kinky shenanigans.

Each of these stories are well written with a tightly woven beginning, middle and end. The variations in both sexual content and sexual partners makes it appealing to a wider audience of readers. For bisexual switches, every single story tripped my trigger one way or another. It's a full buffet with delicious tidbits to tantalize a pansexual. For those who want to sample a little bit of everything, this erotic collection is for you. Recommended to m??nage lovers who want their cake and eat it too.

*provided by Edelweiss

Snow White and the Seven Fetishes

Snow White and the Seven Fetishes - Ruby Goodnight Qu'est-ce que je viens de lire? O que acabei de ler?

The Empty Box

The Empty Box - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow The Romance Review

THE EMPTY BOX is a title which inspires making dreams come true. Most people think of an empty box as something desolate and negative. In this story, the authors turn a reader's perception around by showing how an empty box is actually a good thing. It's something I've never thought of before and I'm quite impressed.

Jeremy is a sexy twenty-something computer geek. He works for himself and he is underwear-model gorgeous. Moving to a new apartment, he meets one of his new neighbors by accident. Literally, Dave broke his ankle in an accident and is rescued by Jeremy. It is love at first fall.

The characters in this story are so well done. Jeremy embodies the fearlessness of a twenty something male who still sees the best in everyone. He's also quick to make decisions because for him, life is still black and white, right or wrong. David is close to middle age. He's jaded, damaged and depressed. The two characters are so different and represent a pretty accurate picture of singles at these respective ages. It's almost like a new puppy bouncing with energy as the older dog is just trying to relax and snooze under the sun. Or for those who love the Purina "Dear Kitten" commercials, it's similar in concept.

The conflicts in this story are tragic. It's sad because they are so realistic, one wonders if perhaps the authors are writing about people they know. Between the stalking ex-lover who is an addict and the insecurities of an older single person, this story is easily relatable. What I really liked is how authentic the responses and emotions came through for both Jeremy and Dave for the different situations. Whilst I may find Jeremy's response to Dave immature when confronted with Travis the crazy ex-lover, it stays consistent with Jeremy's character and age. Dave's harping about being too old for Jeremy is also a realistic concern, accurately captured and then refuted.

What really made this story good is the response to Travis's threats and final grand standing. It poses a "what-if" scenario, which has happened to people I know. The emotions and how people react are showcased so well here, because the authors take the time to show the different sides to the story and they make it more complex. There are no right answers here. Even the good answers don't always yield favourable results.

The authors' gentle handling of Travis' situation where he isn't completely vilified demonstrates a type of humane behaviour which seems to be less and less in the real world. For this, I'm moved. It motivates me to be a kinder and more understanding person. I love when a book makes me think about things I wouldn't have considered. This story is recommended to m/m romance lovers who understand that to rise out of the ashes, something must die and burn.

The Talon of the Hawk

The Talon of the Hawk - Jeffe Kennedy Loyalty cannot be bought, but it can be swayed. Ursula is the oldest child of the High King Uorsin. She's also the current heir for the twelve kingdoms. She is loyal to a fault and derides mercenaries whose loyalty can be bought by coin. Ursula in a losing war. Her values are not in alignment with how she is behaving which is causing her constant inner turmoil. The phrase which comes to mind for Ursula is "Lie to Me".

Many may think Ursula is a brave heroine constantly sacrificing for her sisters. Whilst it is true that Ursula protected her sisters from her power mad father, Ursula's way of protect is foolish. By turning a blind eye to the atrocities perpetrated by her father is a self-deception which ends up causing more harm than good. In this final book in the trilogy, Ms. Kennedy captures how most females, no matter how strong, will behave. For Ursula, family means the most. When she accuses Harlan, a mercenary captain for being wavering, she's merely projecting. Ursula's misguided loyalty and belief that she's a good daughter will make everything right. When a King behaves above the law, it is now time to remind the King, he is not. This key understanding is missed by Ursula who is supposedly such an amazing strategist. If she was really so good at strategy, she would have been able to protect those she loved better. Instead, she let her desire for her father's approval make her helpless.

From a character perspective, I'm not impressed by Ursula at all. She's pigheaded, judgmental, willfully blind to her father and all around prickly. For me, she's an anti-heroine who never quite redeems herself. Each decision she makes to right an injustice is forced upon her by her family or loved ones. She is purely reactive rather than proactive which is odd considering the character profile. This is what makes her unimpressive. Her actions speak louder than words and they say, "only if I must". Of the three sisters, Andi is truest to herself and most admirable.

The action in this story goes at a decent pace. It keeps the story moving. The added evil villain in this story almost seemed an overkill and unnecessary. However, in the interest of finally pushing the reluctant Ursula into action, the new villain and threat did its job. The addition of Harlan as a love interest for Ursula is what makes this story good. Harlan is much maligned for his honest profession as a mercenary. He's gentlemanly and steadfast. The abuse he receives as the hands of Ursula are many and painful. I felt sorry for him to fall in love with such a closed off and damaged woman. Without him as a catalyst, the entire story would have fallen apart. This is the case of a white knight coming the rescue of an unwilling damsel in distress. This paranormal romance is recommended to those who love a man whose loyalty is unwavering.

*provided by NetGalley

Paula - Punishment of a Transsexual Escort

Paula - Punishment of a Transsexual Escort - Knight Foxx Not sure what to expect, this turned into a spank bank worthy short story. Paula is a transsexual with a 5 inch cock but no balls. So is it really cbt? More like just ct. This is a very short story with a tightly focused scene on one man enjoying a shemale. The SM in this one is intense for some. I enjoyed it. There was no ass fucking though so I felt a little deprived. Still, it set it up for a possible follow up. Perhaps there will be a chronicles of Paula's escort job. This I'd read. Recommended for kinky bastards who enjoy penis torture.

* A gift from the author. No review requested *

Riding the Storm

Riding the Storm - Candace Blevins Quote from the author "It's BDSM light, but it *is* actual, negotiated BDSM this time"

Seriously, I don't think Ms. Blevins uses the same measuring stick as the rest of us. Now I hang with some heavy SM people. To me, most of the edge play is normal. I didn't even realize stapling, knife play, fire play and breath play are considered heavier BDSM. What can I say? Apparently here, sounding is light BDSM. Granted for a Ms. Blevins book, there is a small amount of BDSM in here. And the intensity is a lot less than her Safeword books. Relative to other BDSM books by this author, this is BDSM lite. If you were expecting a slight flogging or maybe SIX spanks on the ass and that's too much, this book is not for you. For those who want a complex story with BDSM sensual to sadistic and politically boggling switching, this is the book for you.

The characters in this book are awesome. Kendra and Eric did appear previously in their own story, Safeword Storm Clouds. That book was unexpected in the Safeword series and honestly, I didn't like it. This book is their story revamped (no pun intended) and much better written. It belongs in the Chattanooga Supernaturals. I loved it! Kendra is still a kick ass Domme. Eric is an even sexier Dom. When the two merge, it's fantastic. Whilst Ms. Blevins is showing how the two strong dominants can submit to each other in creatively erotic ways, I'm thinking how I can be the submissive filling in their dominant sandwich.


Good lord have mercy, the BDSM and sex scenes in here are hawt. There is so much dominance in the air, I can't help but want to be on my knees. Mixing it with vampire induced orgasms, where do I sign up?

The plot of this story is a continuation with the South Carolina vampire issue. It worked well with showing how Kendra may be a sexual submissive to a human, but she's no doormat. I really liked Kendra in this book. She is vicious. Her vengeance is everything I wish I could do. Not that I'm afraid to do it and wish I could be like her. More like, given a chance in the same situation, I'd like to be given the same blank check to dole out the same exacting punishment. The violence in this story is quite high and it is so good. I loved how she tortured her enemies. She's so primal and yet it's done in an icy cold manner. Impressive. I guess I'm one of those humans who don't have issues with violence and to me, this is all perfectly just. Maybe it's the Chinese side of me coming to the surface? Or just my jaded American upbringing?

I read this book all in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. It is a nice follow up to the Dragon King. Quite different than Aaron's story and I look forward to the next one. This is a 4.5 star book. Buy it now! Highly recommended to kinky paranormal romance lovers who enjoy ultra-violence and Ms. Blevins' "lite BDSM".