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Sudden Sex: 69 Sultry Short Stories
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In His Command
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Day Shift (Midnight, Texas)

Day Shift - Charlaine Harris A fan of Sookie Stackhouse, I squealed to see a new series from Ms. Harris. I missed the first book in this series and figured I could dive into the second one as a standalone. That could have been a mistake. This series did nothing for me. I couldn't figure out who exactly was the main character. Is it Manfred or Olivia? After about a third of the way through the story, I didn't care.

The world building here is confusing. Perhaps it's all been explained in the first book. In this second one, Midnight is a shell of a town with no rhyme or reason for surviving. Every resident is special in their own way. There are different threads to this story going on at the same time and few are resolved. The main thread is about Manfred and how he's accused of stealing jewels from a rich customer. The story didn't really make much sense. The story felt like a stream of consciousness spewing forth in random moments.

The only interesting thing was learning a little bit about each character. The tie in from Sookie's story with Barry and Quinn is a nice touch. The talking cat was just bizarre. Vampires, assassins, witches, shifters and angels are all hiding in plain sight. And none of it comes across as a cohesive story. For those who fell in love with the Sookie Stackhouse books, this series seems to be completely different. It was hard for me to stay motivated to keep reading. I forced myself to finish it because I wanted to see if my conclusions would come true. The ending leaves the conflict half resolved with no sense of closure. This series doesn't seem to be for me.

*provided by NetGalley

The Slut Who Rides Dragons

The Slut Who Rides Dragons - Jasmin Rain Where exactly is the rest of this book? And where is this said Slut? There seems to be a chapter missing too in this book. It starts out good and then just fizzles out. Disappointing so I almost gave it a 1 star. I ended up giving it an okay for a 2 star. Good cover, false advertising title, plot holes and eh sex.

The Butcher and the Beast

The Butcher and the Beast - Sean Michael The Romance Review

Pirate fantasies are fulfilled with this growly Sean Michaels book. Stephen is a proper gentleman who is a doctor. He scoffs at his fearful sister's worries about pirates circling their new island home. So to his chagrin, when he's captured by pirates and forced to heal the captain of the pirates, he realizes he should have heeded her warnings. John, the pirate Captain, is gleeful in his capture of a doctor who is both young and attractive. A devotee of manlove, John delights in the corruption of virginal Stephen.

The sex in here is as expected from a Mr. Michaels book. It's deliciously raw and filled with primal grunting. There is no pussy footing around here. There is only stalk and prey. Stephen's debauchery into taboo carnal pleasure is fun to witness. He protests as much as he likes, but it makes no difference because he loves the hard anal thrusting orgasms. His newly initiated hole cannot get enough of the pirate's punishing plundering.

The dialogue between the two characters are a bit wince-worthy. The world building is light. The character building is almost nonexistent. The chemistry between the two main characters is what makes this story fun to read. The constant denials and then lusty mating make for a good emotional tug-of-war. The ending is predictable with a happily ever after. Recommended for m/m readers who have pirate ravaging fantasies.

Head of the Family

Head of the Family - Keiko Alvarez The Romance Review

If you want your mind blown from killing to erotic sex, this is the book for you. Ms. Alvarez brings another stunningly crazy story with character Zoe Dunham. Zoe is married to a no good, idiot criminal and abusive man. When he gets out of prison, his first stop is to humiliate his wife and spew his anger at her stinginess. The setup of this story just emphasizes the problems with getting knocked up by a jerk and shotgun weddings. In my humble opinion, it should have been a shotgun funeral. Fed up with her husband, Zoe loses it in a fit of rage.

It's hard to categorize this story. Ms. Alvarez defies any labels. Her unique writing style may best be likened to black comedy. This story gives a Heathers vibe with Zoe offing her loser husband. What happens next is what boggles the mind. What more can a book need than sex, violence and money? Losing the albatross of a deadbeat husband, Zoe's life starts to turn around. Her artwork is recognized and her love life revives. Zoe is suddenly THE up and coming artist with art work flying off the shelves. From rags to riches, this story is a wacky ride.

The way Zoe creates art is astounding. I don't know if this is even possible but the concept is fantastic. When her artwork is eroticized and mixed with kinky sex, I don't even know how to describe what I'm feeling. This book is jarring and shocking in a good way. The premise is rather incredible and many times I am wondering what I'm reading. Still, the sex is so good. Ms. Alvarez bribes me with good sex every time. She's creative in her sex scenes and it's just the right graphic details to keep me happily humming. This is another fun and twisted erotic story.

Ms. Alvarez is on my must read list because it's always a treat to read something completely out there. Recommended for erotic reader who enjoy marching to a different drum beat.

Safeword Interrupted

Safeword Interrupted - Dakota Trace Friends to lovers stories are sweet and hit the spot. Deacon Willis is a dominant whose been keeping his friend, Bethany, at arm's length. He didn't want his depraved kinky ways to drive her away. When Bethany catch a scene of a woman sexually submitting to Deacon, it's no holds bar for Deacon to come after her. Bethany is confused. She shouldn't like what she saw, especially since she needs to be the alpha dog as the head bartender. If she is known to be not only shacking up with the boss but submitting, won't it hurt her standing at work? All realistic fears for a person insecure with their own sexuality.

The conflict Bethany experiences as her heart and head war with each other is similar to many people first entering into the kinky lifestyle. The guilt, the fears, the confusion all come up as it goes against societal conditioning. The one step forward and a couple steps backwards must be frustrating for Deacon yet so accurate to real life. Ms. Trace does another great job of showing how the kinky lifestyle can be. It is intimidating for some. It's also freeing and exhilarating.

Deacon and Bethany are easy characters to understand. They didn't do much for me though. Their story didn't move me as much as some of the other ones by Ms. Trace. Whilst it was sweet and romantic, I felt little for either of them. It's still a well written story and the BDSM element is good. This story is for kinky romance readers who love the friends to lover theme.

* Provided by Manic Readers

The Captured Princess: Taken by Vikings

The Captured Princess: Taken by Vikings - Chera Zade 2.5 star. It is a bit better than okay. Not exactly enjoyable for me because it was way too short and there really wasn't much to it. The writing is fine. The viking sounds sexy. The punishing initial violation was decent. The subsequent sex scenes were all fade to black telling instead of showing. *pout* This is broken up into the serial format which is not my preference.

Moving a Little Heart

Moving a Little Heart - Breanna Hayse Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you're the best

I wasn't looking but somehow you found me
It tried to hide from your love light
But like Heaven above me
The spy who loved me
Is keeping all my secrets safe tonight
~ Carly Simon


Pipe Drafting And Design

Pipe Drafting And Design - Roy A. Parisher, Robert A. Rhea The Romance Review

Family loyalty is the undoing of Margaret. She clings onto the only family member left--her younger cousin who gets into trouble more often than not. When his last stunt forces Margaret to do something unethical and illegal, it may be the last straw. Because the reckoning Margaret expects is not one of law. Instead, she is now under the thumb of her sexually dominant CEO, Brad Kanter.

This story could have been a tantalizing BDSM non-con with an abuse of power. This is a pretty hawt concept and a masturbatory fantasy for many. Surprisingly, Ms. Garnet goes with the romance side of it. This is done nicely as it shows BDSM in a positive light. It also shows how Brad is a dominant who doesn't need to force a woman to submit. He can seduce and entice purely on his kinky ways. The BDSM in this story is light with more emphasis on D/s. It's sweet and good for those who want to explore romantic kink with a rich male dominant. For those who are tired of billionaire dominants, this one is a good one. It's not about his money. It's about his chemistry with Margaret. The story doesn't revolve around Brad's wealth. It is an integral part of the story, just not the center of it.

The characters in this story are sweet. Margaret is the older sister/mother figure who is afraid of life. She tries to control everything in order to stay sane. This is understandable based on her childhood. What is good to see here is how a trigger could bring the BDSM aspect crashing down. How Brad handles this situation speaks well of his dominance. It demonstrates how dominants can make mistakes and also own up to it. It also exhibits how he is still in control even when events are chaotic. This kinky romance is recommended to those who enjoy a bit of protesting dub-con from the heroine when we all know she really likes it.

The Undying Legion

The Undying Legion - Clay Griffith, Susan Griffith Demons, demi-gods, warring sorcerers ?

The Shadow Revolution

The Shadow Revolution - Clay Griffith, Susan Griffith Victorian-era urban fantasy is a genre which piques my interest. New to me authors Clay and Susan Griffith kick off an interesting series. There are werewolves, sorcerers and alchemists moving about without polite society's knowledge. For those who picked this book up because of the reference to Penny Dreadful, be forewarned, there is no underlying dark sexual tension. This book contains no character like the Eva Green. This book is more about mystery and horrors perpetuated by an evil mad scientist.

Simon Archer is a spell-caster who can use ether to perform amazing feats of magic. Relegated to the shadows, he's been enjoying life between the legs of loose women. When an encounter with a former lover ends in bloodshed, it becomes a defining moment in his life. Simon examines what he has accomplished and determines to change his life. To his surprise, wingman, Nick Barker disagrees.

The world building in this book is good. I really liked how Victorian London is set up with the mystical world neatly woven in. It reminds me a little bit of Mercedes Lackey's Elemental Masters series. Unlike that series, the focus for The Shadow Revolution is on the mysteries and conspiracies. This story is grittier and darker with less emphasis on the romantic aspect which is to be expected for an urban fantasy. This is actually what makes it good. The lack of romance and sex help keeps this book focused. The plot is well done and tighten written. Whilst there may be no sex, there is a possible love interest in Kate Anstruther.

The characters in this story are well done. They are well designed characters with a complexity I enjoy. Kate is admirable and the quintessential Bluestocking. Her interactions with Simon and Nick are amusing as she doesn't behave as they expect. What I like about Kate is that she still retains her femininity to balance her masculine like traits. The secondary characters in this story are also engaging. What is truly captivating is the evil villain and the monsters he creates. The book takes quite a bit to finally reach the exciting part. Once it does, the book moves at a fast pace. The conclusion arrives all too fast with a tragic ending. This ending is marvelously done because it hooks the reader in for the next book. After finishing this tale, I immediately yearn for the next. The duo Griffith authors are ones I'm going to watch. Recommended to readers who are looking for more substance to their urban fantasies.

*provided by NetGalley

Satisfying the Billionaire 4

Satisfying the Billionaire 4 - Layla Wilcox How many times do I have to remind myself to stop picking up serial books? This book leaves me wanting. It is book 4 in the serial set. It's not bad. It's better than okay at 2.5. It doesn't quite make it to enjoyable or memorable because it is so short and done in a blink of an eye. I do like mff stories and for those looking for a quickie to wank off to, this book will give you a teasing taste.

Rock Star Baby

Rock Star Baby - Erin M. Leaf mpreg. 'nuff said.

The Trainer

The Trainer - Nancy  Rose EVIL! Delicious femdom with mind control, hypnosis, forced feminization, she-male and ass fucking. Really, this does qualify for quickie spank bank material for those who enjoy the non-con. Ms. Rose seems to be nonexistent in cyberspace as I can't find her website. Still, I found the story to be tidily depraved and enjoyable. Recommended for sissification fiends.

Lesbian Lovers

Lesbian Lovers - Berengaria Brown Sapphic sex is always alluring and sensual for this kinky reader. Ms. Brown elicits hidden f/f desires with her three short stories in this collection. The writing is smooth, silky and smoldering.

In Stubborn Attraction, the primal chase is on as Jaelle lets her randy side out. When she meets another mystical female, the two of them enjoy au natural to its fullest. This paranormal erotica kicks the book off to a great start.

Switching to a historical piece, Lady Caroline's Reward, is naughty yet proper. Initiating a virgin into womanly delights is sweetly done. The conflict with a potential forced marriage at a time where women are property is nicely done.

Finally, Fist Me is a punching end when an angry woman, Taryn, decides men are pigs. Maybe switching to bat for the other side would be better for her. Who better to show her then good friend, Maeve?

In each of these stories, Ms. Brown does a good job of creating a neat package. With a good beginning, middle and end, each story is satisfying. It also gives a taste of Ms. Brown's versatility from paranormal to historical and then contemporary. For me, the contemporary is the most enticing because it does include fisting. There are not many stories which including fisting and this one does a lovely job. It's erotic and exciting. Honestly, the sex in all three stories are effortlessly erotic. The feminine touch to these stories make them more romantic than erotic. Do not mistake the feminine side for bland sex scenes. The sex scenes are still hawt and fap worthy. This collection is recommended for f/f erotica lovers.

*provided by BDSM Book Reviews

Virtual Reality Mistress

Virtual Reality Mistress - Jim   Lyon Fantasizing taken to a virtual reality world is the best BDSM SSC option I've seen. This is a 4.5 star book and definitely enjoyable from beginning to end. Mr. Lyon pens a smooth and increasingly erotic book. Jody is a male who explores his submission through a device I wish existed. If this existed for real, Amazon would never be able to keep it in stock. And, I'm thinking there would be less people going out because the virtual reality submission is fabulous. Each sessions increases in length and intensity. By the end, Jody's fantasizes culminate in a taboo darkness which mirrors my own experiences in increasing desires.

This is a well written piece which is also spank bank worthy. Each session's intensity makes my panties wetter and wetter. This is my favourite book by Mr. Lyon to date. Maybe there will be a return to this world. What I like most is that the BDSM scenes aren't repetitive. They are increasing is depravity and taboo. They build upon the one before. Masterfully done and deliciously erotic. Highly recommended to femdom lovers.

Given as a gift. No review requested. I gave one anyway.

The Wife's Wicked Weekend: Part One Friday

The Wife's Wicked Weekend: Part One Friday - David B. Moon This is a book split into 3 parts. I'd recommend buying the full book so that it isn't coitus interruptus. The set up is sexy. The f/f sex is hawt. The descriptions are graphic. The domination is medium intensity. Perhaps the next part will heat up and be more moan worthy. Appealing for those who enjoy F/m femdom with some kinky F/f slavery.