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Alien vs. Alien

Alien vs. Alien - Gini Koch Seriously, Kitty has the best pets. Poof and the Peregrine are awesome and I would carry a purse if I could have some with me. In Alien versus alien there is more crazy conspiracies. The sex photos were a nice touch and I liked how Jeff responded to it.

The new aliens who showed up are fucked up. Seriously, Ms. Koch excels at coming up with off the wall characters. The way she meshes up dire with ditzy is amazing. I love it. The descriptions are so vivid in this story, it's impossible not to see it play like a movie. Except, this movie is all animated, not with live actors. Fabulous and it's kind of nice to see it all out in the open too. I would say this story has too many plots running at the same time, but it's the same SOP in every book. I like it and it keeps my mind actively entertained. This is yet another book I sucked down fast.