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Back To You

Back To You - Lauren Dane This is a beautiful romance and definitely another winner from talented Ms. Dane. Returning back to the Hurley boys, it's Vaughan's turn to find his woman. What if this woman is one he treated poorly and kicked to the curb? What if he broke her heart so badly that there is no way to win her back? What if this woman is ready to move on with another man? Kelly Hurley is finally ready to start fresh and marry a man who can be there for her. Ross is a man who may be a bit staid, but he is there when she needs help. There may not be the chemistry as with her ex-husband and father of her two daughters, but Ross treats her with respect.

This is an emotionally difficult story to read. Because the two characters, Vaughan and Kelly are both ones a reader will love. Vaughan is not a bad man. He's a boy who finally grows up and grows a pair of balls. For too long, as the youngest child, he lived outrageously spoiled and expected others to pick up the pieces. He regrets his callousness and tries to charm his way back into Kelly's life. He expects it to be difficult but not impossible. Oh this silly boy. When Vaughan learns just how badly he's messed up and damaged a loving woman, it may be too late to recover and repair. Kelly is one of the strongest female characters Ms. Dane has written. The adversity she wrongly faced with the Hurley clan is beyond comprehension. The fact that she can still be civil and ensure her kids are not negatively impacted is amazing. I love Kelly. I feel her pain and her confusion with Vaughan.

Ms. Dane is a master at creating loveable characters. The turmoil she creates pulls the reader in and hopes for a happily ever after. It is amazing how she turned this around and brings Vaughan and Kelly together. The loving way these characters are treated as well as how the family members respond is fantastic. This story is about growth. Watching Vaughan own his mistakes and become a better man is a pleasure to witness. Seeing him learn just how hard it's been for Kelly to raise two daughters by herself amidst a hostile environment gives a reader a feeling of vindication. It also gives Vaughan a new appreciation for her. Kelly's growth in this story also occurs as she learns to stand up for herself better. It's good to see past hurts slowly fade and be repaired. Everything about this journey as two lovers find their balance together is breathtaking and moving. I'd be lying if some of the hurts Kelly suffered at Vaughan's careless hands didn't bring tears to my eyes. And yet, Ms. Dane does an incredible job of not making a reader hate Vaughan. This is a very special book of love and how in the end, the work and heartbreak is worth it all. This book is highly recommended to romance lovers who love a second change for a happily ever after.

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