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Deadly Spells

Deadly Spells - Jaye Wells Kate, just have sex, please? The sexual confusion in this book is frustrating. I'm not sure if this book is a paranormal romance or urban fantasy. Not that it makes much of a difference because I whipped through the book in a few hours after reading the 2nd book.

Kate is now has 3 different men to choose from. John will definitely open his arms to her anytime she wants to walk back into them. I think he should give it up. Kate is unusually cruel to him and I don't think he deserves it, even after the terrible reveals in this book. John, move on, she's not that great a piece of ass. Morales is the one I think matches who Kate is now. He's a good guy and apparently quite studly. The school teacher, Hart, is an asshat. The whole date scene with him made me see red. He is just a jerk and I hope he dies. I'm incensed by his attitude and holier than thou perspective. I'd have gutted him.

There is a lot going on in this book and it really comes down to power play, blackmail and secrets. I'm still feeling sorry for John. I want to smack Kate upside the head. Her uncle Abe needs a knee to the groin. Her brother Danny needs a smack upside the head. And really, what the hell is up with Duffy? Why is he such a jerk? He's like one of those closet gay men who beat up on other gays because he's in denial. I have no respect for him and I hope he dies in the next book.

The story moved nice and fast. The killer in here was no surprise and really, it's not much of a suspense or crime to solve. What I really took from this book was the big reveals and more soul searching for Kate. Not sure I really care about Kate's personal drama. Not really sure where this series is headed either. Still, it's a fun read on a Saturday afternoon. Recommended for magic lovers who enjoy politics, intrigue and revenge.