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A Rough Ride: Pony girl training in latex and leather

A Rough Ride: Pony girl training in latex and leather - C.P. Mandara So close to the end and now the big reveals are happening. Are they a surprise? Not really. Petal just sabotages herself over and over again. She isn't bright and she makes so many mistakes it's unreal. The owner of this kinky pony farm is finally revealed. It is as expected. Even the way the owner is related yet not related to Petal is predicted by most readers. It does make sense after looking at how Petal is being treated.

The plot of this book moves slow. My guess is because it needs to wrapped in in book six. What isn't slow is the masturbatory scenes assaulting the reader one right after another. Yes, I can be bribed with porn and I can be bribed with deviant sex filled with humiliation. This one is filled with the good stuff. Ms. Mandara does a nice job of contrasting Kyle's unbalanced sadism with Mark's erotic sadism. It gives a reader perspective of how sadists can be different and why one would be preferable over another. Mark's dark desires are willingly met by his submissives. The Japanese dinner scene is tantalizing and I can't decide if I want to be the diner or the dinner platter. I think I'd liked to be tormented as a dinner platter. Having experience being a platter for sushi in real life, being a turkey stuffing seems to be quite exciting. How would it work? A deviant mind whirls with dirty possibilities.

The BDSM in this story, how to describe it? Impossible, panty wetting, sex toy buzzing and depraved are probably the words I'm thinking of when reading this book. None of the BDSM in this story is plausible without killing someone or severely damaging them for life. This is a BDSM fantasy and for those who fantasize about females being sexually tortured, forced to orgasm and turned into dumb animals. Expecting SSC or RACK is unreasonable and not applicable in this book.

There is one thing that baffles me in this book. There is a reminiscing by Petal of her father and how strict he was at home. It covers how she was disciplined and embarrassed in front of others. The question is, if this is the case, then how did she end up being such a spoiled brat? This makes no sense to me and I've not been able to reconcile it in my head. Regardless, I am looking forward to seeing what will happen in book six. I want to know if Petal is saved or not. I want to know what Mark will do. I want to know why Petal's father has it in for Mark so much. I'm hoping for some really deviant depraved debauchery, even if it is just a one night scene. I can't see a way this will end well with a happily ever after. This darkly kinky erotica is recommended for those who enjoy sadistic pony-girl training.

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