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Flying Monkeys

Flying Monkeys - Tymber Dalton The Romance Review

Interracial m??nage lovers, here's one for you. This story starts out with a devastating loss and fortunately goes up from there.

Kyong Tran is a pilot with a plane but no crew. The way she lost her crew is heartbreaking. With a guardian angel watching over her, she's matched up with the Drunk Monkeys. Kilo and Foxtrot stand out as a pair because they are the second pair who don't get along perfectly. When they meet Kyong, the discord between the three of them is uncomfortable. Even the reader feels awkward at how badly these three start off.

This threesome is laden with more baggage than the previous five sets of happy triads. It's almost painful to watch them interact with each other, although it does lay the foundation for some decent make up sex. The real charm to this story is plot. Ms. Dalton drives it forward even more and puts another nail in the Reverend's coffin.

The power play from the General is hawt. The way he is able to dominate the president and rearrange events to go his way is impressive and sexy. While the Reverend is trying to determine how things went wrong and why his dick isn't bigger than the General's, he loses a dangerous possession. It's fun to watch as plans unravel and slide into chaos for the Reverend. Still, this isn't a walk in the park for the good guys. The Drunk Monkeys still have to stay on their toes and complete the mission. Their mission also keeps this book in a good suspenseful tension. There is always the fear that just around the corner, they could be found. Or, they may not leave a safe house in time before the next natural disaster or Kite tripped out zombie mob comes after them. In a world where a drop of blood could kill, it makes for a heightened constant flight or fight mode. This can be exhausting for the characters and the readers.

Ms. Dalton does a good job of balancing the need for careful world building against the fast paced action. Throwing in the erotic aspect makes a smooth read. A reader just can't stop at one book in this series. Ms. Dalton is writing this series fast and furious. Even though she's churning out these books so fast, it seems not fast enough for those of us who are addicted. I can't wait for the next book in this series. Recommended for m??nage lovers who enjoy the interracial loving.