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How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps

How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps - Josephine Myles Push past the first five chapters and this book gets much better. Jeff White is a dom with little training and high demands for a submissive. Unfortunately for him, his name has already been circulated as an asshat crude dominant. Jeff is a blue collar worker with the accompanying stereotypes. He may be physically fit but he doesn't care about how dresses. He doesn't want to go to any classes to learn the skills for impact play or bondage. What he focuses on is sex, sex, sex and sex. He just wants kinky sex with a hot female willing to be spanked. Jeff believes a submissive female is to be ordered around and to suck his dick.

I won't lie. After the first two chapters, I was ready to rate this book a 1 star. I hated it. Jeff is a jerk. He's not someone I'd ever be willing to play with. His idea of BDSM is all about him and he just goes to munches to pick up a chick and convince her he's the one to fuck. Everything about Jeff grated on me. When Eddie Powell, an experienced bottom is introduced, it doesn't make it any better. Eddie is the gay guy who thinks he can convert any straight guy to enjoy m/m sex. With my eyes rolling, I gritted my teeth and continued to press on.

Ms. Myles does a brilliant job of setting up these characters for growth. If a reader can get past the initial abrasive and revolting personalities, the rest is smooth as silk. Jeff and Eddie's growth in this book is fabulous. Eddie softens Jeff's rough edges. Jeff becomes the type of dominant who can take care of a submissive. Jeff learns about power exchange and trust. Whilst it doesn't have to be sexual, Jeff does start to question his sexual inclination. Jeff's change through his interaction with Eddie is what makes this book worth reading.

Forget about the m/m aspect. From a newbie dominant perspective, this is a great portrayal of a person with preconceived notions of what BDSM should be. As they learn more, they realize just how little they know and some of the issues they had before make sense. Jeff's ability to change and become a better and safer dominant is a pleasure to witness. Eddie brings the best out of Jeff. In the same way, Jeff supplies and address's Eddie's needs. Eddie wants more than just a slap, tickle and a rough buggery. He wants a relationship. Granted, going after a hetero man for a relationship is pretty crazy. Still, Eddie perseveres and the chemistry is hot.

The BDSM in this story is okay. It comes across as more researched than experienced. It's the sex between the two men which is eye catching and mouthwatering. Once Jeff gets into manlove, there are fireworks every time the two of them come together. It is panty wetting goodness. This kinky romance is recommended for those who enjoy gay for you themes.

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