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Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey - Tymber Dalton The Romance Review

This series (Drunk Monkeys) is seriously addictive, especially with current affairs popping up Ebola patients in the States. Sometimes fiction and reality become hard to distinguish.

In GREASE MONKEY, as the title implies, the main female character is a mechanic. Dolce Quinn is in Los Angeles where the Kite virus infection is spiraling out of control. The US government is keeping a lid on it. Dolce is going to get out of LA only after she finds her friends. Unfortunately, the latest riot is right where her friends are working.

GREASE MONKEY is a darker story than the previous ones in the series. Dolce experiences more loss in a horrendous manner than the previous females. When she's matched up with Roscoe and Niner, this m??nage is wild. Wild because it doesn't seem as if the three will be able to get along, let alone close enough to experience "sexy time". Yet Ms. Dalton does her usual trick and somehow makes the triad perfect for each other.

I still believe this series doesn't need the sex or the m??nage. This plot is good enough without the erotica. The erotica just adds a bit of relief from the doom and gloom. Ms. Dalton does a stellar job with the continued world and character building. The evil villain continues to gain forward momentum to destroy the Drunk Monkeys. It does seem the Reverend Silo will be able to push his Machiavellian agenda through. It is clear Ms. Dalton is already several steps ahead in her plots and subplots. With the reveal of Silo's plans and how his abused wife is slowly awakening, it promises to be some interesting times coming up. All men should learn--hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The theme of this book is launched just at the right time. With today's threat of fatal pandemics, government conspiracies and civil unrest, it makes this story a little bit more realistic. The characters in this story feel real because they come across as designed. The Drunk Monkeys do come across as jarheads. just as Dolce's aptitude with mechanical equipment is believable. Ms. Dalton does a good job of creating characters staying in alignment with their careers through their behaviors and decisions. These people are capable yet not infallible. When problems arise, they don't fall apart; they try to fix it and move forward.

From a plot perspective, the story does drag a little. Since it is clear there will be ten books in total, this is not unexpected. The foundation to this world leading to the major showdown is well laid out. It will be interesting to see if hubris is the cause of Silo's fall or if Silo will fall at all. One thing is for sure, each set of men will find their partner and there will be loud and noisy monkey sex.

This erotic romance is recommended for readers who enjoy speculative fiction and conspiracy theories.