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The Professor's Pet

The Professor's Pet - Tara Crescent Ever do something that makes you cringe and wish you could rewind back time? Emily wishes for a redo when she accidentally swaps her kindle filled with kinky smutty erotica with her professor, Jake. Jake picks up the kindle and is filled with disgust. Another posser girl who "thinks" she wants to be a submissive is his attitude.

The first half of this book was difficult for me. I couldn't stand Jake. He was a BDSM snob asshole. How he introduces Emily to the lifestyle is not what I'd recommend. He has a total chip on his shoulder and behaves as an asshat. With this kind of introduction, I'd have kicked him in the nuts and left. He totally misrepresents a dominant. As I'm reading this, I'm wondering what the hell is going on with Ms. Crescent. Showcasing BDSM in a negative light in a romance is pretty much a guarantee to a 1 star for me. Fortunately, the story turns around and Jake shows how he's human and owns up to it. When the kinky scenes kick in, the story gets better.

Emily is a bit of an odd duck. Her "super power" is interesting. Her magic 8 ball inner dialogue at first was amusing. After a bit, it becomes tedious. Still, Emily represents a young inexperienced college student well. Having a crush on a professor is also realistic. I have fond memories of crushes on a couple of professors so I can totally relate. This kinky erotica is recommended to those who enjoy Teacher to student relations.