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The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King: Weddings Bells Times Four

The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King: Weddings Bells Times Four - Trinity Blacio Stepping into a play during the second act generally leaves the audience confused. In Virgin Witch and Vampire King, the reader is thrown into the wild without any preparation. I searched for a prequel to this book. I searched for something to give me a point of reference after the first two chapters left me befuddled. I re-read the blurb. None of it would have prepared me for this book. Generally, I'm a reader who catches on pretty quickly and I enjoy having to guess what is going to happen next. The amount of things going on in this story withheld by the author and stingily parceled out is rather frustrating.

First the title is misleading. I'm expecting a virgin. Nowhere in this book does Beth come across as a virgin. Second, there seems to be a complete back story missing. It's usual to have a bit of information slowly revealed throughout a tale. In this case, it's mentioned with an implication of prior knowledge. This is distracting and throws a reader out of the book. For example, Nora is Beth's best friend. Beth is waiting for Nora to show up. When she doesn't, it comes to light something "happened" which caused her to turn for the worst. Third, the jumping around in the story makes it a bumpy read. It's as if this book was never edited. It is obvious once a reader makes it through the end, that this is an expanded version. The story doesn't flow in a cohesive manner. Some parts of the story are well written, mostly the last third. Other parts are cobbled together in a poor manner. What it comes down to it, the story is more tell then show. There are things going on, but the reader is told through a lot of dialog rather than the action. This makes for a painful read.

There is a lot of potential in this book. First, the world Ms. Blacio created is good. It takes bits and pieces from authors I enjoy. For example, Beth's house reminds me of the house in The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey. The beings cleaning the house are similar to the ones in The Lords of Satyr by Elizabeth Amber. The different worlds with mythical beings is reminiscent of how Ilona Andrews displays her creatures in Clean Sweep. The mating of several powerful beings is a bit like Anita Blake or Merry Gentry from Laurell K Hamilton. I enjoyed all of these books so I should also enjoy this one. What didn't work for me is how the story didn't blend well. The back stories of each mythological creature loosely overlapped yet didn't combine into one complex picture. More focus on world building would have helped this flaw.

Second, I really like the sex in this book. This is what kept the book from falling into a 1 and just above a solid 2. This is a 2.5 star rating because I really enjoyed the multiple men fucking and marking Beth. The scene where she's bound down and Bukkake-ed over the course of several hours is delicious imagery. The hints of BDSM are fun with spankings and a spanking bench, but it would be a stretch to label this story BDSM. The one thing I really liked is the unusual cock formation from one of the powerful males Beth mates. It's one of my favourite cock type so I nearly changed this to a 3 star because of Lucas. More sex with Lucas, please! The sausage link among Beth's men as the front one is reaming her pussy out is also a picture of debauchery I thoroughly enjoyed. This erotic novel is best read for its sexy interludes. Recommended for paranormal lovers who love multiple alpha males to fuck.

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