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Two Steps Back

Two Steps Back - Lyn Gala The Romance Review

Two steps back is generally a phrase used when someone tries to move forward and ends up going backwards. This is frustrating and sometimes demoralizing. For Dallin, taking two steps back is almost soul breaking.

Dallin is a young man who fought hard to be where he is today. He left home at a young age of 16 when his parents kicked him out for his sexual preferences. Now in his early twenties, after finally having his own apartment and running his own business, things start to fall apart as invoices are not paid and his bills are piling up. Returning to his old job of prostitution is his last resort, and when it comes to this point, he returns to his former pimp, hat in hand.

Now this may sound all very depressing but it's not. Dallin's fortune in the pimp he goes to is unheard of. This is the first time I've come across a lawyer for the underprivileged doubling as a pimp. And honestly, it makes a lot of crazy sense. Dallin's pimp finds a wealthy Dom who is looking for a submissive. Dallin's need for a steady income makes him break his own rules and take on a long-term client. William is this client and he's nothing like Dallin's ever come across.

I love the characters in this story. Ms. Gala seems to specialize in males who don't fit into normal society. This is a good hot button for me. I really enjoy seeing things from a different perspective. It makes me think and wonder, which in turns makes me enjoy the book better. William is a man who has difficulty relating to others. He obsesses over specific details. He's anal retentive. In my layman diagnosis, he has some degree of Asperger's. What I love about William is his exacting instructions as well as his love for contracts. William's need for D/s and how he dominates Dallin puts me over the moon. I'm wet with desire and mewling in lust with the orgasm denial and edging scenes.

This book is focused on the D/s and it is just my kind of kink. Too bad William likes males. The job William gives Dallin is a fantasy come true. Not just for Dallin, but for me. It's the kind of job I'd love to have, and to be thoroughly dominated by William would have me in loopy subspace all the time. Life would be so good.

Unfortunately for Dallin, there are conflicts. Dallin does have trigger points and William is good at pushing them by accident. It's hard to watch because Dallin has valid points whilst William has all the good intentions. It's frustrating yet so good when they work through their issues. What hurts most is Dallin's family. This little bit of family drama is painful to see and it makes me wince.

Recently, I've been reading more stories where a person's sexual identity is a point of contention for their loved ones and/or society. This is frustrating to me because I don't get it and I never will. The way Dallin's parents treat him is disgusting. The way his siblings treat him is heartbreaking. With Dallin all alone and at his lowest, William is there for him to lean on. It's a lovely romantic story with delicious D/s.

This kinky romance is highly recommended to readers who enjoy reading about male submissive submitting to an exacting Dom.