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Triad - Lissa Trevor The Romance Review
Mine is the 2nd review on the website

M??nage lovers who enjoy the unholy trinity of vampire, werewolf and witch, read this book. Ms. Trevor is a relatively new author for me. I've read a couple of her short stories found in anthologies. Each time, the sex in it makes me pant with desire and ready to jump my spouse. This story does the same.

Marta is a witch who is in a love-hate relationship with an ex-boyfriend, Cassius. Cassius is a vampire who needs blood to survive and for him, sex and blood go hand in hand. Sometimes, a guy just needs a blood orgy to feed his hunger. Marta is a prude who is appalled by Cassius' sex fiend needs. Is this a judgmental assessment of Marta? Yes. She comes across as a know-it-all, holier-than-thou bitch. However, when she needs something, she will stoop down to take it from someone she feels is beneath her.

Marta knows werewolves hate witches. Werewolves loath witches in this story world because they do come across as judgmental and snotty. Even Marta's request for help from MacKenzie, a crazy werewolf, shows how rudely she demands than any negotiating finesse. Marta's narrow-minded attitude is what really rubs me wrong. Ms. Trevor does an excellent job with her character creation, specifically the flaws. Then she does a lovely job of turning it around, albeit a bit rapidly. Marta's eyes and legs open up willingly and the story starts to flow more smoothly.

Sex is the universal language of acceptance for Marta, Cassius and MacKenzie. While the story does have a plot, it is overshadowed by the sexual tension between the three characters. When they have sex, it is explosive, messy, sweaty, bloody and hawt. Ms. Trevor does a superb job in describing the sex scenes and it is smoking hawt. Ladies, make sure your favourite toy is charged and ready to go.

Even with the heat generated by this threesome, the focus is taken a little away by a surprise character showing up at the end. This male character is the owner of the BDSM club Marta's hated. Forget about these three and let's get on with learning about this dangerous and powerful owner. Hopefully there will be a book focusing on him.

This paranormal romance is recommended for kinky m??nage lovers who want to enjoy a good sexy story.