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Broken Soul (Jane Yellowrock)

Broken Soul  - Faith Hunter Finally I made the time to read this book. I loved it. I read it in one sitting which meant staying up until the wee hours of the night. Or actually, just before dawn breaks if it were still summer rather than fall.

Jane is still kickass. There are some similarities between Jane and Anita Blake. I'm finding some parallels which are making me nervous because I love this series so much.

In Common

1. Both are kick ass heroines
2. Both are "executioners" of vampires: Jane = enforcer, Anita = executioners
3. Love triangle and "it's complicated" relationship status
4. Increasing powers with each new book
5. Increasing sex with each new book
6. Nasty European council trying to steal the territory of the more causal and modern American counterparts.
7. Both are turning more "girlie" due to their men and they aren't sure they like it. Both have low self esteem as far as surface looks.

How it is a better variation

Where I see Jane still being fine is the plot is still moving. The writing is still well done. It's not one fuck fest of puppy piles after another. Jane may be attracted to several different men, but she is whole devoted to just one at a time. And she intends to keep it this way. This does not mean Leo isn't a domineering asshat who rubs Jane's fur the wrong way. What I like about Leo compared to Jean-Claude is Leo isn't a pretty boy. Sure he speaks French like Jean-Claude. Let's put it this way. I lust after Orlando Bloom. When he's blond with a little goatee, this is how I think of Jean-Claude - sleek, sensual and lithe.


When I think of Leo, I'm thinking testosterone driven man's man. He's like Sullivan Stapleton. He may not be the most handsome but he radiates power.


This difference is what makes my panties wet even if there is no sex between Leo and Jane. Jane is performing a very dangerous dance with Leo. It's interesting to see if Leo will force Jane/Beast to submit. There will be blood shed if and when that happens.

George is a nice balanced character for Jane. He's sane, strong and a renaissance man. The way he woos Jane is right up my alley. When the two of them get it on, it's good. This is a paranormal romance not erotica so the sex does fade to black which is just fine. Sex is not the driving force this series. It's a lovely undercurrent to generate yearning and sexual tension. Just how I like it.

Jane's manifesting power makes sense. It is a nice progression instead of a quantum leap to impossible superwoman traits. What is nice about Jane is her ability to still relate to other strong females. There is no competition or back stabbing like Anita Blake. Jane is more balanced and possesses a better self identity to Anita. Jane's background is actually more traumatizing than Anita's. Jane is what we look for in a protector. She's an amazonian warrior goddess who struggles with the gray lines and does her best to navigate whilst keeping her integrity intact. This is why I like Jane so much.

This story does reveal more about Leo's power and the struggles in his organization. The next book in this series can't come soon enough. Recommended for PNR junkies looking for a strong female who's flawed with a traumatic chilhood and still a strong sexy confident survivor.