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The Companion

The Companion - Michelle Knight Didn't enjoy the book - not my kink. Well written and my review will be posted shortly. Based on the ratings BDSM Book Reviews uses, it will be a solid 3 star. For me personally, this book did nothing for me except irritate me.

Update on my review

Susan is an overwhelmed office slave typing up reports and helping everyone out with their work. When a chance encounter brings her into the kinky lifestyle, she decides to embark on an exploration into her submission. Ms. Knight is a new to me author who wants to show those curious about the lifestyle, what a newbie can experience. She is a professed member of this lifestyle who incorporates pieces of her own participation into Susan's journey. The concept is sound. Since the characters didn't work for me, I didn't enjoy this book. Perhaps it is because this story is originally designed to be told in a screenplay medium versus a book which makes the characters bland and disengaging.

From a BDSM scene standpoint, it is a mediocre portrayal of D/s. Susan meets Mark through a friend. Mark is a dominant who is just starting to open up into having another submissive. He lost his last submissive to a terminal illness and he's not sure if he can be vulnerable again to take on a new submissive. Here's where it becomes a problem for me. Mark is incessantly harping about trust. How Susan is supposed to trust him to do what is best for her. This book doesn't show how Susan is encouraged to trust him and furthermore, for a D/s dynamic to work well, it takes trust from both sides and open communication. Without communication, how does one trust? Mark's first conversation with Susan is to let her know she is not to speak unless she's spoken to and Mark will run the show, without discussing with Susan first.

Mark kept his cool and maintained a level, non-threatening voice. His eyes remained on the papers.