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Lucky Strike (Share the Love Book 2)

Lucky Strike (Share the Love Book 2) - Jane Davitt 3.5 Star

M??nage m/m lovers who enjoy space operas, this is the story for you. For those who enjoyed the cowboy antics of Captain Mal from Serenity and liked Inara the expensive escort, Jake and Rill will feel familiar. Jake is a captain of a space ship he won in a card game. He's rough around the edges and blurs the lines between law abiding citizen and criminal. His partner is Rill. Rill is the lover he lured from a very expensive whore house. Rill's childhood is complicated because he is a designer baby - a Nova. Nova are perfect in body and mind. As a prostitute, they are unparalleled in skill, looks and cost. These two unlikely partners take on a job which is a bit more than they can handle. Lian is an alien "gem" baby. He's a rich boy who has never had to suffer in his life. When his surprise visit to a cousin is cut short, he desperately tries to make it home to deliver life threatening news. Lian basically throws himself at Jake and Rill's mercy to take him back to his homeworld. This is where the fun begins.

Ms. Davitt creates a world of intrigue, clear socio-class distinctions and sexy hawt men. The plot of this story keeps a reader in constant flight mode. This because the threesome are trying to outrun someone who has better technology and a reason to kill them. There is a definite end game for the three and time is running out. The technology used in this story is pretty nifty. The embedded interface into a body so that it can provide instant information is something quite popular. Perhaps within the next thirty years, there will be a bio interface of this sort.

The real attraction to this book is the interaction between these three males. Jake and Rill are sexy hawtness together. Jake is the rough guy. Rill adds the smooth experience. When Lian joins this dynamic duo, it takes it to another level. Mostly, because Lian is a sweet virgin. Every old experience for Jake and Rill become new again when they initiate innocent Lian into the art of manlove. Now, there is more than just sex in this story since the sex is a small part. As the three learn more about each other, Ms. Davitt shows how each of their strengths compliment the other. It's a sweet romance despite the impending doom. The conflict which these three work together to resolve helps binds them closer together. This seems to be just the beginning of their journey together. One can only hope Ms. Davitt will return to this world with another adventure with these three troublemakers. M/m romance recommended for space opera addicts.

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