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Assimilation, Love and Other Human Oddities

Assimilation, Love and Other Human Oddities -  Lyn Gala The Romance Review

A Dominant/submissive relationship without ever mentioning BDSM and set in an alien world is the kind of book I love. The concept of Palteia is extremely alluring for submissives who yearn for the D/s lifestyle. This is the second book in this series and it can be read independent of the first book. There are a few events which happen in the first book which is referenced in this one, however, and a reader who is familiar with sci-fi/fantasy themes will have no problems catching up to speed quickly.

Liam is a gay man who has gone native. His assignment on the alien planet turned into something more and now he is the treasured Palteria of Ondry. Ondry is a kind of reptilian humanoid. He comes complete with a strong tail. The tail can also be used in pleasurable intimate pastimes. Ondry and Liam are just settling into their life when it's disrupted by earthling Captain Susan Diallo. She is a xenopsychologist and xenolinguistic. She is the type of person who should have been assigned to the alien world, Rownt. Instead, it is Liam's learning of the alien culture which humans rely upon.

The world building here is fabulous. What I love about Ms. Gala's world is how different it is from standard western human thinking. It reminds me a bit of the Vulcan logic from Star Trek. The Rownt are logical as well as drama free. The main driver for this alien world is quite impressive. When Diallo finally realizes how this world functions, it's almost too late. I love this Rownt world from several perspectives. First, their purpose in life in how they leave a legacy is quite beautiful. Second, the discipline required to increase rank is also attractive. Third, their definition of battle and how there is no term for war blows my mind. Lastly, the way they desire a submissive and how they treat one is beyond compare.

The dialog and loving play between Liam and Ondry is heartwarming. The protectiveness they have for each other as well as how well they communicate with each other is beautiful. The trust built between the two seems strong and through this adventure with Diallo, it becomes even stronger. The sex between Liam and Ondry is super nova hot. For those who enjoy tentacle sex or sex with additional appendages, this is definitely one to pick up. The rough sex with underlying domination is erotic, arousing and delicious. The way Ondry masters Liam and makes him groan with pleasure will heat up many a reader's libido. This book is not recommended for public reading. Read out in the open at your own risk.

This story does end with a possible follow up which would thrill me. After reading this book, I must go back and read the first one. The characters and world building in this book pulls me in and I loved it all. This is highly recommended for m/m sci-fi/fantasy lovers who wish the world could be a better place. This place is Rownt.