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Beyond the Compound

Beyond the Compound - Claire Thompson BDSM sexual slavery fantasy lovers, this is the book for you. The Compound is a training ground fantasy come true for those who want to be trained full time in sexual submission. Hailey Davenport knew she was missing something in her life. She wanted that connection with a dominant through her submission. Tired of playing around, her acceptance to The Compound is the first step to finding a Master. The Compound not only trains a submissive, but finds a matching master. For Hailey, she's auctioned off to Ronan Wolfe and it is a dream come true.

First, let's be clear, this is straight up romantic fantasy for female submissives. For those who wish a training center exists and can match a submissive to the right dominant, this is the book for you. Second, even though this is romantic and quite the fantasy, the BDSM is so good. This is expected because Ms. Thompson pens erotically hawt BDSM scenes. Third, this plot is one which is pretty popular with a famous actor finding a match with a regular female. If this makes your roll your eyes, then pass on this book. Those who are still interested, the BDSM scenes will encourage a reader to require a little "alone-time" with a sex toy.

The plot in this book is simple and easy to follow. Is it predictable? Yes. This is good for those who want to sit down and enjoy a kinky book without angst or drama. The characters are likeable and relatable. Hailey is a down to earth female with submissive needs. Ronan may be a movie star, but he's level headed and considerate. Plus, he's serious about dominating. He's not in it just for a bit of slap, tickle and sex on demand. He enjoys the heady sensation when a woman wants to yield her control over to him.

This is a lovely piece of D/s with sensual erotic power exchange. These two are on the same page and their exploration together into the kinkier side of sex is a delicious fantasy. Whilst there are plenty of BDSM equipment described in Ronan's dungeon, the BDSM scenes stick to the standard tools. The focus is more on the D/s than it is on the SM. There is a decent amount of BD as Hailey is not a perfect submissive. This is nice to see how even trained submissives do struggle at times. It also is nice to see a dominant following through on punishment when a forbidden act is committed.

The conflict in this story is believable and the resolution works out smoothly. The ending of this story is as expected, a happily ever after with a bonus hawt piercing scene. Ms. Thompson leaves the story open ended so that if she wanted to write a story about a couple of the secondary characters, it is possible. If she does, slave Sam would be a lovely M/m story. This maledom fantasy is recommended for kinky readers who love romantic sexual slavery.

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