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Tangled Up - Wendi Zwaduk The premise of this book is pretty darn hawt. Hubby leaves the wife for a male lover hurts, but when hubby and said male lover want a threesome? WOOHOO! And this could be a perfect triad, even better! Mindy gets it on with Sav and Arran. Queue in the 70's porn music because it does get steamy!

The sex was good in this book, no doubt about it. The conflict in this book was messed up. Talk about plot holes.

1. Arran speaks with Mindy every day for more or less the past three years since he left her. In the first chapter, Arran claims Mindy is his confidante. Please explain to this reader, HOW THE HELL ARRAN DOESN'T KNOW WHERE MINDY WORKS. Added to this, the owner of the restaurant Mindy works is a nasty competitor of Arran's restaurant. How is is possible Arran doesn't know this tidbit of information?

2. Khloe is painted as a good for nothing ho who throws out that she's a Domme. W.T.H? Is that point even relevant? Because no where in this story did it do anything with the Domme part. She's also not a source of credibility yet as soon as she tells Sav and Arran something about Mindy, they believe Khloe? W.T.H? Are men this dumb? Three years of being essentially best friends with Mindy and they chose to believe Khloe over Mindy? The mind boggles.

3. Sav is shown with some sort of brain in his head when he is skeptical of Khloe's claims. Then the next scene he's 180 turned around and ripping Mindy to shreds. What's with the Jekyll and Hyde? Seems out of character and from far left field.

Sometimes, it's best to leave out contrived misunderstandings and conflict. Just go with the flow and write a lovely little HEA menage. There's nothing wrong with an erotic discovery w/o crazed drama.