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Safe Word (Carrie’s Story #2)
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Lindsey Brooks
Erica Hayes
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Bianca Sommerland
White Ivory
Lindsey Brooks
Beyond the Edge
Elizabeth Lister
An Executive Decision
Grace Marshall
Sudden Sex: 69 Sultry Short Stories
Maria See, Devin Phillips, Bella Dean, K. Lynn, Raziel Moore, Angell Brooks, Kat Watson, Georgia E. Jones, J. Sinclaire, Mina Murray, Stella Harris, Ashley Lister, Tabitha Rayne, Gina Marie, Kiki DeLovely, Jax Baynard, Vida Bailey, A.M. Hartnett, Elise Hepner, Sophia Valent
Xanthe Walter
In His Command
Rie Warren
Under Her Thumb: Erotic Stories of Female Domination - Midori, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Laura Antoniou, Lisabet Sarai, Colin, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Andrea Dale, Dominic Santi, D.L. King, Kathleen Bradean, Veronica Wilde, Giselle Renarde, Valerie Alexander, Evan Mora, Jacqueline Brocker, Leela Scott, Andrea Zanin, Aimee Nichols, This sexy femdom anthology is a must read. Pick this book up and read it now. It is not often that a cover is as smoking hot as the contents in the book. The red headed woman with piercing green eyes gives a reader a great Domme to keep in their mind as they read these twenty-one smexy femdom flavours. Ms. King gathers some of the best erotic writers to provide hot sensual tidbits. Each story is explicitly graphic and so good. Each author brings their version of a woman on top. With so many choices, there will be at least one which will tempt the reader's hunger.

Many people believe femdom is all about a cruel woman humiliating and degrading a pussy whipped man. Fortunately, each story dispels this stereotype by showing tasty combinations. Sometimes the man is a strong executive submitting to a woman. Sometimes it is an older man yielding to a younger woman. Other times it is a young man under the thumb of an older woman. Readers are even treated to several mouthwatering ménage. Some of these tantalizing threesomes are with F/f/m and others are with F/m/m. My favourite ones are the following four.

Good for the Goose by Kathleen Bradean is a steamy hawt with wife taking control of her husband. Ms. Bradean's perverted precision cuts a clear picture of how the man suffers at his wife's devilish plans. Ms. Bradean's Domme carries on a diabolical dialog with the reader. It brings the reader closer to the wife and sharing her enjoyment. The ending leaves a vivid image of a wild eyed husband straining at his bonds while his wife cackles. Ms. Braden drops the curtains on the scene just before the nasty conclusion. She is quite the cock-teaser.

In Layover by Lisabet Sarai, the Domme is sadistic to the over cocky arrogant stud. This female pilot takes her male flight attendant to heights he never expected. Each encounter pulls him under her spell. Ms. Sarai builds the heat and when the final scene is exposed, it is sweltering hawt. A twist in the ménage combination is so good to read and the male's dubious consent only cranks up the heat. Ms. Sarai also leaves the reader with a teasing future hook-up. She's definitely an author to follow.

Below the Stairs by T.R Verten is a F/f/m ménage perfect for the bisexual female submissive. Or a greedy play slut female switch would enjoy this one to a T. A husband and wife duo invite a female into their play. The wife directs this sensual scene with the husband witnessing while quivering in need. What bisexual switch doesn't fantasize about this very plausible scenario?

In the Chill of her Displeasure by Veronica Wilde is the perfect final story ending in a spanking bang. This story is definitely realistic with a monthly service party hosted by a Domme in the group. During this time, male submissives provide food and drinks. Why isn't there also service in foot massages and pedicures? This concept is very sexy and I can easily see people in the lifestyle throwing these parties. The tale takes a downward turn when the males step out of line. This is when it gets good as two of the males are disciplined. One can only hope to be invited to the next party.

This arousing anthology is provocative and great inspiration for kinky sex. This book is highly recommended to femdom lovers who want to be seduced with great writing and racy relations.

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