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Hungry - Logan Belle The story of Facebook meets erotica. Miss Chatterley is a serial about Connie the girlfriend of wunderkind Cliff. Connie is slowly being pushed out of Cliff's life by his right hand person, Ivy. Ivy is a convincing bitch. She knows she is worthless unless she can ride Cliff's coat tails. It's despicable.

Ms. Belle is spends this first section setting up her characters. Each character knows it part quite well and is integral to the story. It is unfortunate the characters are so underwhelming. The only character who is engaging is the personal trainer, Mellors. He's the enigmatic hardass crossfit coach kicking Connie's recently rapidly increasing bottom.

This plot of this story just starts to take off and the tale ends. The book summary entices, but the initial set up and introduction of characters is bland and frustratingly annoying. The pettiness from Ivy and the neglect from Cliff overshadow Connie. Connie as a lead is weak because she is the proverbial female who sacrifices her career and aspirations for the man she loves. Unfortunately, it is a man who no longer spends time with her or remembers she exists. This is not a sexy erotic novel. This is a downer train wreck.

The erotic part is apparently the infidelity between Mellors and Connie. Unfortunately there is a bit of coitus interruptus in the form of a cliffhanging ending. I would recommend this story not to have been broken up into four different parts. It's because the first part isn't quite alluring enough to encourage the reader to pick up the next parts. If this were combined into one cohesive novel, the book may have rated higher.

*Provided by Edelweiss