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Xavier's Way - Diana DeRicci There are only two things to take away when reading this book. Gay men are obsessed with clothing and a sexy body. Closeted gay men are even more obsessed with how a man dresses and a sexy body. Oddly enough, neither Jordon nor Xavier worked in the fashion industry. Jordon is a financial lawyer and Xavier is some kind of builder firm.

The romance story while sweet was either under-minded by information that didn't make sense or distracted by what each man wore. Rather than getting to know Xavier and his past. The reader is treated to how he fits into a pair of black jeans. Several scene described how Xavier looked in the clothing and how much Jordan wanted to get Xavier out of those clothes. Xavier did the same for Jordon, except with guilt since Xavier is really a gay guy in denial. It would have been nice to learn more about how Xavier brought his company into existence. Maybe a scene or two with him interacting with the bankers or angry vendors. This way we can see the business coming apart, rather than be told. One last thing about the clothing - I'm highly doubtful anyone who is a financial lawyer would consider jeans no matter how expensive business smart clothing. In fact, jeans are not considered acceptable clothing to be worn to work, even on casual day if we are going by white collar standards. And it's clear lawyers fall into that category.

There is nothing wrong with jeans nor am I trying to show an elitist class segregation here. What I am stating is that the character did not behave or think in a manner based on how he was designed. It didn't make sense which distracts the reader and pulls them out of the story. Another example of what was shallow were the piercings. Great, so the guy has piercings and it's sexy hot. Why did they mean so much to Xavier? What made him get them? This would have enhanced the story and helped the reader bond better to Xavier. There is a reason why a man would get a Prince Albert. It isn't just one day the guy wakes up and says, "huh, let's shove a needle through my dick and then stuck a metal ring through it!".

The focus on exterior looks made this book come across as shallow. It's sad since the writing voice is decent and the descriptions of places, people and things were good too. It's the constant telling of what happened rather than showing an event taking place (other than sex) which also makes this story just okay. This story will probably be enjoyed by m/m romance lovers who want a short contemporary romance with a confused bisexual male who thinks he's "gay for you".