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Safe Word (Carrie’s Story #2)
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Lindsey Brooks
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Bianca Sommerland
White Ivory
Lindsey Brooks
Beyond the Edge
Elizabeth Lister
An Executive Decision
Grace Marshall
Sudden Sex: 69 Sultry Short Stories
Maria See, Devin Phillips, Bella Dean, K. Lynn, Raziel Moore, Angell Brooks, Kat Watson, Georgia E. Jones, J. Sinclaire, Mina Murray, Stella Harris, Ashley Lister, Tabitha Rayne, Gina Marie, Kiki DeLovely, Jax Baynard, Vida Bailey, A.M. Hartnett, Elise Hepner, Sophia Valent
Xanthe Walter
In His Command
Rie Warren
Suite Encounters: Hotel Sex Stories - Rachel Kramer Bussel, Delilah Devlin, Donna George Storey, Ariel Graham, Andrea Dale, Tenille Brown, Suzanne Fox, Emily Moreton, Valerie Alexander, Michael A. Gonzales, Remittance Girl, Justine Elyot, Elizabeth Silver, Suleikha Snyder, Anna Meadows, Tahira Iqbal, Erobint Traveling for work every week, staying at hotels becomes boring after a while. Somehow, when the hotel is for a vacation or with a stranger, it changes. Why is hotel sex hotter than having sex at home? In Suite Encounters, the reader is treated to twenty short steamy stories. Some are kinky; some are sweet. The editing is done by Ms. Kramer Bussel. She also holds the pimp spot with her story, Special Request.

Since this is a Ms. Kramer Bussel edited book, the expectation is high for the story quality. She meets expectations with each story tightly written and well edited. Many of the stories were four paddles quality. It averages out to three paddles because a few of them were just bizarre. One in particular felt completely non sequitur. There was no beginning or meaning to one of the stories. All the reader knows is a man and a woman are in a room together and we don’t know why, other than the man needs to masturbate and she regrets asking him since she knows him. The reader doesn’t know the why and the result of the encounter leaves the reader confused and dissatisfied. What is the purpose of that story?

A few which are notable are Selfish by Donna George Storey, Business Expenses by Elizabeth Silver and Special Request by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Each of these stories contains something in common. They let the kinky flag fly. The kinky role playing in Selfish is engaging and easily realistic. This could be any woman trying to spice up her life and take a little pleasure for herself. It’s sexy, sensual and believable. The characters are engaging and the story flows smoothly.

In Business Expenses this is yet another plausible scenario. This is more fun with a Domme taking on an inexperienced male who takes a bite of the forbidden fruit and wants another taste. The naïve male escort learning about submission is a voyeur’s wet dream. The ending leaves it teasingly open for future sexy encounters.

The last story is a hard working submissive’s wish come true. To be the one who is always fulfilling requests and taking care of others, for it to be flipped around is a heady sensation. Ms. Kramer Bussel creates a swinging party yet only reveals the first hour of fun. The bondage, blindfold, multiple partners are all an overload of sensations. If only the reader could join in for the rest of the evening and through to the next morning. It is a fitting end to a book filled with hot hotel confessions. This collection of erotic stories is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy clandestine hotel sex.