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Owning Wednesday - Annabel Joseph Wow, I ended up loving this one. I was a little annoyed the hinted "fucked up" little girl with Daddy issues. When the truth came out, I'm thinking, WTF. That's not really so fucked up. Then when we find out Wednesday is only 25 at one point, I'm just confused. I mean, seriously confused and a little disturbed.

Walk with me on this one. She actually met Daniel on her 24 birthday. But she's been with Victor for 5 years. 5 bloody years! That means he had her at 19. We know up front that Victor is in his 50s. Are you creeped out? I am. I appreciate age differences, don't get me wrong. There is quite a large gap between my DH and myself. More than a dozen years. The gap between Victor and Wednesday is over 30 years. He's more than twice her age. Yes, it bothered me. Why? Because I think he did her a disservice as a Dom. The women he trained after? They were all around 18 and 19. Ugh. I just don't like Victor. He's a creep.

I do like the dynamic and relationship between Daniel and Wednesday. I really liked Daniel. He's a loving Dom. He's not perfect either. Although I do love how he has white walls and carpet. Even white linen! (Before I married, I was exactly the same.) A man after my own heart. That is my preferred colour scheme too. If I could have a tree growing in my house, I'd love it. Although the too convenient switches makes me just a little bit nervous. I loved how he associated stockings as the beginning of play. Very cool.

Wednesday, I'm not sure about her. I feel badly for her and understand her inability to express love. I can't imagine what it is like to live with a parent who doesn't cherish the child but sees the child as someone who stole his soulmate. It is too depressing to ponder. It's all perspective, isn't it? Is the glass 1/2 full or 1/2 empty? Is the child the last gift from your beloved to be treasured or is the child the murderer to be reviled? Two very different reactions to the same event. Makes me wonder.

The BDSM in this story is very well done, as I would expect from the talented Ms. Joseph. I think this is my favourite book of hers. 4.5 star for me. It moved me quite a bit. I cried out of sorrow for a lost little girl and a man struggling to prove his dedication, love and loyalty. Even the "evil" villain in this story was not so much evil or even a villain. The reasons behind his actions are rather sad too. The ending is a happily ever after so it's still quite a lovely romance. I recommend this to BDSM lover who love a good romance with a happily ever after.