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Adam's Obsession (Wired #1) - Sabrina York Interoffice romances are verboten for a reason. When it ends, it rarely ends well. Katherine Hart learned this lesson the hard way. Her last job ended poorly through a broken affair which painted her as a slut. Determined to remain professional in her new job, she becomes the resident ice queen among IT geeks. Why she thinks this will keep the guys away I do not know. I work with IT guys and this just makes Katherine the star of their own private porno shows at night. Still, Kat uses her ice queen façade as armour for two long years while she lusts after Adam Trillo, one of the company’s founders. The only time she releases her wildness is via an on-line chat room under the handle - WILDKAT. Her on-line hottie is SAVAGE.

Yes, the handles are rather cheesy. The on-line chatting on the other hand is pretty realistic. I must confess my chats are a bit more risqué than Kat and her chat buddy. As expected, we find out the person she’s been sharing her dirty secrets is Adam. I enjoy these kinds of stories where the boss and subordinate heat up the sheets. Adam is hot and dominating. At work, he’s all professional until we glimpse underneath his cool exterior. My favourite parts are when Adam orders Kat around. Each time he does something to turn himself on at work; he inadvertently gives the guys in the office a peep show. I’ve witness this type of naughty behaviour at work and find it amusing.

The underlying smexy tone in this book is a turn on. The little games of dominance from Adam commanding Kat kept my interest. The SugarKink sensual scene when Adam ties Kat up hit my sweet spot. The storyline moved at a decent pace with believable conflicts. I do have to admit I was a puzzled a few times. Adam is a computer guy, how could not easily trace WILDKAT’s IP address to figure out that it really was Kat? After working with a person for two years, how can Kat and Adam not recognize each other’s voice on the phone? These little details bothered me but didn’t take away from my enjoyment.

Both Adam and Kat are likeable. Their interactions are flirty and fun. The secondary characters caught my interest too. I hope the next book is about Adam’s brother Tristan and Kat’s good friend, Sara. I suspect Tristan is going to be the more intense of the two brothers. If the red vest Sara lent Kat is truly from the store the horny IT geeks seem to think, then it will be an interesting read. Perhaps Ms. York will turn up the kink factor. The one secondary character who annoyed me to no end is Jack. I know Jack’s type all too well. If Ms. York does decide to have a book for Jack, I’d like to recommend it as a femdom book with Jack receiving pegging after much begging. Adam’s Obsession was a fun read which I recommend to kinky readers who love the interoffice romance with a happily ever after.