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Damsel in Distress - Troy Seate, Landon Dixon, J.R. Roberts, Elizabeth Coldwell, Mia Lovejoy Sting (Kink) Rating: 3 Stars

Story Review Rating: 3 Paddles

Ever have fantasies about cops stripping you down and having their wicked way about you? What if it really happened? And it was done with your spouse watching? In “Damsel in Distress”, the first short story, husband and wife Sam and Sara are taken in for a ride by sex fiend Sheriff Layton. I’m going to rate this book based on this first and third story since both received the highest rating.

This was a fast and smexy little scene as one would expect. A woman is jailed for speeding. The remote location allows both sheriff and his deputy to manhandle Sara for a few days before her husband rides in to the rescue. I think it would have been a bit edgier if Sam was also taken for a ride by the deviant duo.

The third story, “Who Pays?” by JR Roberts is the second one I enjoyed most. Of course, there is another cop in this story who takes advantage of a couple speeding down the highway. The girlfriend has to pay the fine since they are short on cash. The dubious consent in this one made me grin while I played the voyeur to the girlfriend’s seduction in the woods. This short hot scene with the sweet sticky note on the paid in full speeding ticket left me in an amorous mood.

The other short stories were a bit odd. I understand this collection’s focal point is a woman in distress who needs to be saved. I think this was a very loosely interpreted guideline. The second story, Belly Dance by Landon Dixon I have no words to accurately describe. The style is purposely tongue in cheek with cliché purple prose. I believe the story is supposed to be a comedy about Detective “Dick Polk” determining the father of Vi Voom’s illegitimate child. Her husband, Colonel Tislon T. Pickett is pissed his trophy wife was knocked up by someone other than himself. Through a series of sexually sleuthing, Dick solves the mystery to Pickett’s satisfaction. I believe the sentence “He wanted a passel of young ’uns, sure, but he damn well wanted his own brand on ’em.” sums it up.

“Return of Black Lily” featured some girl on girl action which I enjoyed. Lily is a retired cat burglar who sexually molests the women she steals from. This type of romantic thief is popular from a m/f perspective. For a f/f twist, I enjoyed it. I only wish there was more revenge thrown in when Lily was confronted by her friend.

Lastly, The Fire Triangle by Mia Lovejoy is aptly the last one in its putting out of fires. Vern is a forty year old married man who can’t get his dick up. I believe he’s the damsel in distress. He trains fire prevention technicians. One of his technicians is a fiery red headed wiccan who woos his “willy”. Yes, he calls his dick, “willy”. This story didn’t do much for me as I could neither relate nor care about Vern. He’s kind of pathetic at 40 years old going on 80. What would have made it more amusing for me is if the wife turned the tables on Vern and decided to peg him.

Overall this collection is short and amusing at times. I recommend the first and third stories for the kinkier pleasures. All stories were fine grammatically. Each was a fast read. Since this is a short collection, none of the characters were complex nor were the storylines complicated. I recommend this book to kinky readers who want a bit of fun fantasy with humour liberally added.