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Penumbra - Keri Arthur Dear Ms. Arthur,

I know I say that I prefer stories that are not happily ever after. I'm good with happily for now. I just have to ask, WHY THE HELL is it that your series always seem unresolved? There is no conclusion. I'm left hanging. WHY do you do this to me? I've read four of your series now. Each one I'm riveted and I want to know more. I devour your books faithfully. This latest series, I finally am able to get books 2 and 3; I'm all excited. Book two helped answer questions but posed more unanswered ones. I started to hate Gabriel. I grabbed book three and couldn't wait for the resolution.

In this latest book, the plot thickens (as the cliche goes). I'm half way through the book as the picture is really starting to gel for me. However, I'm starting to be worried. This book isn't that big, I'm half way through and there is still a lot of unresolved issues and NEW problems cropping up. Gabriel is finally showing some emotion to Sam. The worst part for me is I'm pretty sure I know what will happen. It's like two bullet trains coming from opposite directions that will collide. Lip biting, I'm down to the last few chapters. Now I'm really starting to sweat. The answers are coming fast and furious; I'm pretty sure I'm not going to like the ending.

Sam's memory is finally unlocked. It is as I expected all along. What I don't expect is this to be the end. WTF! Yes we know how she came to be. I still don't understand WHY. Why does Joe Black have to do what he feels he needs to do? ARGH! The unresolved conflict is killing me. To be pulled in two such opposing directions with no feasible sight of resolution is going to give my indigestion. Well, and heart ache for Sam. I feel like this series has at least another couple of books to offer.

Ms. Arthur, why do you leave your series with a feeling of not completely finished? I want to know about the war. I want to know more about the shadow walkers. I want to know how this ends. You did the same for the Riley series. Riley never really reconciled with her warring sides. ARGH!

While this series was fast paced and enjoyable, the conclusion does not exist and will cause aggravation to most readers. Especially some of us OCD types. Still, I recommend this book to my feeling paranormal/urban fantasy lovers. Just be forewarned. There are no happy endings.