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BloodWind (DemonWind #1) - Charlotte Boyett-Compo This is my first book with Ms. Boyett-Compo. I felt rage throughout the entire book. I was very upset with this Resistance group. Who the FUCK do they think they are? They are no better than the ones they are going up against. Cree is totally a pawn in this book and yes, he's the anti-hero but damn, I feel sorry for the guy. He didn't deserve any of this. The only thing is he is guilty of is being born.

This entire cast of characters were mostly villains. I can't even decide if Bridget is a good person or not. This book dealt with ideals and the heavy handed tyranny which men and women can perpetrate. It was depressing. It's a pretty accurate portrayal of how humans have been behaving. The concepts which pop up into mind for this book are "an eye for an eye" and complete genocide. The sheer collateral damage and disregard to life in this book is just devastating. This is a book that makes me think and wonder, "are there any good people in this world?". My answer after reading this book, a resounding no. The other concept that kept going through my mind was, "the end justifies the means".

Personally, if I had been Cree, I'd have killed off the bloody manipulative women. I have no respect for any of them. Their Machiavellian manipulations were completely unethical and made them just as terrible as the men. This book is filled with so much hatred it's hard to get through it at times. I recommend this book to people who enjoy "what if" scenarios.