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Riding the Storm

Riding the Storm - Candace Blevins Quote from the author "It's BDSM light, but it *is* actual, negotiated BDSM this time"

Seriously, I don't think Ms. Blevins uses the same measuring stick as the rest of us. Now I hang with some heavy SM people. To me, most of the edge play is normal. I didn't even realize stapling, knife play, fire play and breath play are considered heavier BDSM. What can I say? Apparently here, sounding is light BDSM. Granted for a Ms. Blevins book, there is a small amount of BDSM in here. And the intensity is a lot less than her Safeword books. Relative to other BDSM books by this author, this is BDSM lite. If you were expecting a slight flogging or maybe SIX spanks on the ass and that's too much, this book is not for you. For those who want a complex story with BDSM sensual to sadistic and politically boggling switching, this is the book for you.

The characters in this book are awesome. Kendra and Eric did appear previously in their own story, Safeword Storm Clouds. That book was unexpected in the Safeword series and honestly, I didn't like it. This book is their story revamped (no pun intended) and much better written. It belongs in the Chattanooga Supernaturals. I loved it! Kendra is still a kick ass Domme. Eric is an even sexier Dom. When the two merge, it's fantastic. Whilst Ms. Blevins is showing how the two strong dominants can submit to each other in creatively erotic ways, I'm thinking how I can be the submissive filling in their dominant sandwich.


Good lord have mercy, the BDSM and sex scenes in here are hawt. There is so much dominance in the air, I can't help but want to be on my knees. Mixing it with vampire induced orgasms, where do I sign up?

The plot of this story is a continuation with the South Carolina vampire issue. It worked well with showing how Kendra may be a sexual submissive to a human, but she's no doormat. I really liked Kendra in this book. She is vicious. Her vengeance is everything I wish I could do. Not that I'm afraid to do it and wish I could be like her. More like, given a chance in the same situation, I'd like to be given the same blank check to dole out the same exacting punishment. The violence in this story is quite high and it is so good. I loved how she tortured her enemies. She's so primal and yet it's done in an icy cold manner. Impressive. I guess I'm one of those humans who don't have issues with violence and to me, this is all perfectly just. Maybe it's the Chinese side of me coming to the surface? Or just my jaded American upbringing?

I read this book all in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. It is a nice follow up to the Dragon King. Quite different than Aaron's story and I look forward to the next one. This is a 4.5 star book. Buy it now! Highly recommended to kinky paranormal romance lovers who enjoy ultra-violence and Ms. Blevins' "lite BDSM".