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Duke - Candace Blevins Good Lord, have mercy on my soul. Is it wrong to masturbate whilst reading this book and your husband is sleeping next to you?


Full disclosure, this book is a gift from the author. She tried to convince me this is not BDSM at all. It's vanilla all the way, although not boring sex. She even said she'd pose the question to others in the BDSM group and her facebook to ask what they think is BDSM versus Vanilla. Seriously? Ask a group of kinky people if it is kinky? How about asking Vanilla people if this is kinky? So that is what I did. I asked my sheltered vanilla sister and brother in law about a couple of the scenes. After some extreme blushing on their part, asking what a butt plug was and if Gen is sex slave, I can confirm this is NOT vanilla. It is delicious Sugarkink!

This is the first of a series which promises to be deliciously erotic with alpha males and strong women. Gen is Frisco's little sister. Frisco is from the Safeword series. With tie ins to the Chattanooga Supernatural series, guest appearances from our favourite characters pop in and pop out. All of this would seem distracting yet Ms. Blevins pulls it all together and makes this a multi-layered world. This book can be read as a standalone but it is really better if all of Ms. Blevin's previous books are read first.

Gen is a hot shot commercial real estate agent who is worth quite a bit of money at a young age. This is as expected because Ms. Blevins tends to lean towards characters who have money. I don't hold it against Gen because it is clear she worked hard for it and I happen to like money. When she shows property to a motorcycle club trying to move into town, it's where things get interesting. The president of this *cough* gang club is someone she knew from school. In fact, she crushed on him when he ran around with her brother. An older and accomplished Duke sweeps her off her feet and takes her for a ride on his bike.

The characters in this story are fabulous. I liked Duke in Aaron's story, Dragon King. Duke needed his own story and what a story it is. He may not be into BDSM, but he is totally into D/s without calling it D/s. I mean, seriously, asking for Gen to be sexually available to him at anytime? Instructing her to be ready to bend over a couch and pull her butt cheeks open to be plundered? What Vanilla couple does this? Because I want in on it!

The sex is super nova hawt! Ms. Blevins is always excellent when it comes to creating dominant men seducing strong will females. Gen is a surprisingly sexually innocent woman. The way Duke educates her into the joys of carnal pleasures is so good.


I am wet with desire. I shiver and quiver with anticipation as Duke plays her with forced orgasms and orgasm denial.


This is a lengthy story with a great plot. Every time I thought the story would be the end, it continues. This gives the story the chance for good world building, character development and bonding between the characters. This story can't be told; it needs to be experienced. When it ends, I'm wishing it continues. I can't wait for the next story in this series! This paranormal erotica is highly recommended to readers who love alpha men, hawt sex and a great story.

* Provided by the author as a gift. No review requested, I gave one anyway