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Opening Up

Opening Up - Lauren Dane Fabulous new series from talented Ms. Dane designed to break a reader's heart. There are some stories which immediately bring a song to mind. In this one, it is Phil Collin's "You're no son of mine".

They say time is a healer
And now my wounds are not the same
I rang the bell with my heart in my mouth
I had to hear what he'd say
He sat me down to talk to me
He looked me straght in the eyes
He said:
You're no son, no son of mine
You're no son, no son of mine
You walked out, you left us behind
And you're no son, no son of mine

From Metro Lyrics

This song aptly describes PJ's situation with her father. PJ is the baby of the family. She's innovative and marches to her own drum. She is considered the black sheep of the family because of her unique ways. PJ is a wonderfully developed character who is vulnerable yet strong. Ms. Dane does an excellent job of creating a character I completely understood even if she's radically different from me. This story moved me because of PJ. I connected with her because of how she was treated by her father. I've been treated similarly by my father. Fortunately not as bad and we did reconcile. Doesn't look good for PJ in this story for a happily ever after.

At the heart of this story is a completely dysfunctional daddy and daughter relationship. It is horrible to watch and it is soul tearing to see the words and actions of a father to a daughter. Amazingly, PJ doesn't go down the path of destruction with daddy issues. Instead, she stays strong with the help of her siblings and a new lover.

The love interest plot device in this story has me mixed. Mixed because Asa Barrons is an ass. His preconceived notions and high handed decisions are hurtful and asinine. He needs a good swift kick to remove his head out of his butt. I'm mixed on this because he does turn out to be a decent guy. I'm just not sure if he is even needed in this story. I think the story would have been just as powerful and good without him. He is a distraction away from PJ's career focus. And his being in her life makes her job harder at times. I could take him or leave him in this story. Really, PJ is the only one I have eyes for. This moving story is recommended to romance lovers who understand the dilemmas of an unwanted child yearning for a parent's love and approval.

*provided by NetGalley