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Beck & Call (The Billionaires Book 2)

Beck & Call (The Billionaires Book 2) - Emma Holly The Romance Review
Holy smoking bedsheets! Ms. Holly can always be trusted for a steamy erotic romance when she writes a m??nage. In this latest m??nage, the reader is treated to an exhibitionist and voyeur's delight. Mia Beck and her co-worker Jake are going undercover to spy on Damien Call. Why? Because he's being accused of corporate espionage. To capture Damien's attention and get close to him, they audition through a little sex show.

For those who are tired of billionaire stories, this is one not to be missed. Sure, having money at a young age, being super smart and looking like Adonis is a fantasy. It's a fantasy that Ms. Holly makes a reader wish it would come true. The characters in this story come alive. Mia is adorable. It's easy to see why men fall for her. Her innocence and straightforward manner is alluring. Jake is a sexy and dangerous man. The fact that he is heteroflexible and good with bondage and dominance just makes a submissive swoon. Damien is the enigma. What is his game? Why is he the way he is?

The BDSM in here is fabulous. Ms. Holly does a fantastic job of showing the allure of BDSM. The scenes are designed to drive a voyeur into ecstasy. The deferred gratification is especially appealing since it's something I practice. The roleplaying part is very well done. It also shows how someone in the lifestyle can take a simple concept and make it erotic. Jake saw Mia's romance novels. He came up with a way to roleplay and incorporate Damien in an absolutely smoking hawt scene. The best part of that scene? No need for fancy equipment; it's all mind power. Jake brings Damien and Mia into the erotic scene by appealing to their fantasies. He turns them on with just a few words and setting the right mood. This is truly inspiring. Ms. Holly can make a panty moisten in seconds.

The plot of the story is surprisingly strong. It's not neglected nor fluffed up as window dressing for the delicious BDSM. It's a nice balance which gives the story more depth. There is one little thread left hanging which I wish would be tidied up. I'm guessing it won't be because the books in this series seems to be standalones with a theme instead of a continuation of characters. Still, my hope is that Damien's family situation is resolved and I wish for vengeance. Damien is the one I felt most sorry for in this story. He really is poor little rich boy.

This book is a completely enjoyable read as one would expect from Ms. Holly. She's an amazing storyteller and her forte is her kinky erotic novels. Recommended to m??nage lovers who enjoy bondage and dominance.